Super-charge your recovery readiness – Nutanix Mine with Commvault

By Eric Nelson

Today, we are very excited to bring the best of Nutanix and Commvault together via the Nutanix Mine with Commvault solution, which will enable our customers to be recovery ready with cloud-like simplicity, security, and scalability.

Nutanix Mine with Commvault is an intelligent data protection solution that is delivered with simple, secure, and scalable infrastructure, powered by Nutanix and Commvault software. Built on the Nutanix Cloud Platform, the solution provides organizations with the fastest available RPO/RTO, and brings in a security hardened platform while making it super easy to deploy and manage their backup infrastructure through Nutanix Prism.

“At Nutanix, simplicity is a key design consideration for our products and is essential so that our customers can easily deploy & use our products,” said Prasad Athawale, Vice President, Business Development, Nutanix. “Today, our launch with Commvault for Nutanix Mine combines our years of partnership & collaboration into a comprehensive, easy to implement platform that further reduces complexity in running and protecting applications. Nutanix Mine, which leverages the core Nutanix HCI platform brings agility, reliability, and scale to enable our customers to address their rapidly evolving data protection needs.”

As addressed in our recent blog on 2021 data predictions, key trends like DevOps, Containers, Security, and more are dominating organizations’ focus for this year and beyond. That, coupled with the global pandemic, has shown that organizations that are data-driven are able to respond, pivot, and recover with a much faster growth as compared to organizations that are not using data as a strategic asset.

So, at a time when data volume, risk, and regulations are growing, skills are at a premium, yet data fragmentation is higher than ever before and the need to transform data protection is now becoming one of the key priorities for businesses to accelerate growth. At Commvault, we’ve always kept our customers at the center of focus and collaborated with our ecosystem of strategic alliance partners to solve the most complex data protection challenges for our customers. 

Our partnership with Nutanix is a great example of this. Nutanix and Commvault have a long history of collaboration since early 2015 when Commvault introduced support for protecting and recovering workloads running on the Nutanix hypervisor, AHV. The partnership has grown over the last 6 years with Commvault adding support for a number of advanced Nutanix capabilities and solutions like Nutanix snapshots, replication, Nutanix Files, Nutanix Objects, and now Nutanix Mine.

The Nutanix Mine with Commvault solution features flexible licensing and hardware options, ensuring organizations meet the most demanding SLA and performance needs for their applications. With built-in Commvault cloud connectors, organizations can tier or archive their data for long-term retention to the leading cloud hyper-scalar platforms.

Commvault software on Nutanix Mine also allows organizations to protect their physical, virtual, files, container, and cloud workloads with intelligent automation leveraging intelligent orchestration with Nutanix technology like snapshots and replication, and can leverage the WORM capability in Nutanix Objects for immutable backups. Combining Nutanix’s hardened platform security with Commvault’s built in AI/ML- driven anomaly detection, air-gapping, and data validation features, allows organizations to build a defense-in-depth style security for their data protection infrastructure.

Procured via the Nutanix channel, the flexible architecture of this solution allows organizations to start small and scale incrementally on the fly as their data footprint grows, without compromising the simplicity of managing their data protection and workload coverage.

Zwanenberg Food Group has worked with Nutanix and Commvault since 2017, and had this to share about the partnership:

“We needed a trusted vendor to support our IT technology refresh with a solid and compatible solution,” said Eilko Bronsema, Manager of IT, Zwanenberg Food Group. “Commvault was chosen based on their ability to deliver an easy to maintain and solid solution, and their unique compatibility with Nutanix.”

Get started today to transform, modernize, and be future ready with Nutanix and Commvault. To learn more about the joint solution, please check out the solution brief here or reach us at or