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  • Part II: It's Time to Rethink Your Risk Mitigation Strategy

    Posted 03/19/2019 by Doug Chando

    In our last blog in the Risk Mitigation series, we talked about how old methods and thinking around disaster recovery are really inadequate, or won't necessarily prepare you for the new and evolving threats to your data - specifically threats like ransomware.

  • Just Like UConn Health, Commvault Customers Never Get Tired of Winning

    Posted 03/04/2019 by Chris Powell

    As our customer reference team rolls out a program to highlight the success our customers have achieved with Commvault and our partners, it seems ironic and fitting that the first off the bench - with a win worthy of its pedigree - is the University of Connecticut’s own academic medical research center: UConn Health.

  • Don’t Settle for a One-Size-Fits-All Data Protection Solution

    Posted 02/20/2019 by Phil Wandrei

    Choosing the correct data protection solution and having it fit should be easy. With Commvault's HyperScale solutions you do not have to settle for a one size fits all data protection solution, as it provides a range of sizes to meet your business needs and preferences.

  • Love Songs to Get Your Data in the Mood

    Posted 02/14/2019 by Chris Powell

    Commvault loves data and this Valentine’s Day is a time to remember. In an effort to keep data feeling special, here is a Valentine’s Day Top 10 playlist. Feel free to blast it in your data centers today.

  • Cisco Live Europe in Review: ‘Possible’ Now Defined By Data

    Posted 02/12/2019 by Nigel Tozer

    Cisco Hyperflex featured in a big way at Cisco Live. Making private clouds simple enough for any location made the news with the announcement of Hyperflex Anywhere. This was underpinned with the message that a "Cisco data centre goes anywhere your data is," which translates to HCI cloud technology now being suitable for remote/branch offices, but still having the ability to run at global scale.

  • Meet With Commvault at HIMSS19

    Posted 01/31/2019 by Jesse Eichhorn

    Commvault is excited to once again exhibit at the leading health information and technology conference, Feb. 12 – 14 in Orlando, Fla. Stop by booth No. 2309, next to Microsoft, or schedule a meeting with our healthcare data experts in advance.

  • Protect Cisco HyperFlex 4.0 Workloads Anywhere With Enterprise-Proven Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery

    Posted 01/28/2019 by Bill Concevitch

    Cisco’s announcement Tuesday of the HyperFlex 4.0 release and the significantly enhanced capabilities for hyperconverged at the edge with HyperFlex Anywhere and Cisco Intersight provides enterprises with the accelerated ability to utilize Cisco’s industry-leading hyperconverged architecture across all data repositories - including the data center, remote locations, all distributed data infrastructure and cloud.

  • Trust Your Data, and Who Has It

    Posted 01/24/2019 by Matt Tyrer

    Trust. It is probably one of the most important elements of any relationship. Be it business, romantic, platonic, or between a pilot and his wookie, trust is the cornerstone of these engagements. Data. Probably one of the most important things about you right now, be it your Social Security number, date of birth, bank account, passwords, or other identifiable information that is your data.

  • Commvault Again Participating at Cisco Live Barcelona

    Posted 01/23/2019 by Cathy Conroy

    I'm looking forward to meeting many of our joint customers and partners, and hearing from Cisco what new innovations they are bringing to market. I can promise that when you stop by our booth, you won’t be disappointed. We continue to co-invest with Cisco to bring innovation that makes sense for your business.

  • Stricter Regulatory Environment Welcomed By Data Experts

    Posted 01/23/2019 by James Canham-Ash

    With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) approaching its first birthday in May, we took the opportunity - while attending the inaugural event last month - to talk to more than 100 data protection experts. We listened to their opinions and took a temperature check on the regulatory environment as a whole; there were some interesting opinions.

  • Championing the Case for Privacy

    Posted 01/22/2019 by Chris Powell

    Jan. 28 is Data Privacy Day and despite all the advances the tech industry has made over the years, the reality is this: our private information is still at risk. 

  • Where AWS Backup Fits in the Data Protection Market

    Posted 01/17/2019 by David Orban

    Since AWS Backup protects data only within the AWS ecosystem, it might not meet the needs of larger enterprises, as well as those working in hybrid or multi-cloud environments. For those organizations, and for organizations requiring automation and orchestration of more complex environments, Commvault’s robust functionality can meet the most aggressive data protection requirements.

  • How To Accelerate Your Digital Transformation With Commvault And Cisco

    Posted 01/16/2019 by Wenceslao Lada

    Commvault’s enhanced integration with Cisco HyperFlex™ provides three layers of confidence, extending the HyperFlex promise of “Any App - Any Cloud - Any Scale” by ensuring you can migrate efficiently while protecting your mission critical applications - and all your data - within HyperFlex.

  • Holiday Hacking: Beware the New Year ‘Flash Sales’

    Posted 01/08/2019 by James Canham-Ash

    The end of November marked just the beginning of the "flash sale" festive period, with sales and discounted offers often running right up to Christmas, and culminating in the New Year sales at the start of January. With cybercrime and global regulatory environments evolving at such a fast pace, organisations of today can ill afford to rest on their laurels when it comes to the ways they use and secure the data they own and work with on a daily basis.

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