UbiStor provides enterprise-class virtual server protection, disaster recovery services based on Commvault software.

  • The Result
    • Instant insights into customer environments
    • Fasterror-free backups
    • Better performance monitoring and DR roadmapping


    • Legacy solution wasn’t able to scale large or virtual environments
    • Lack of visibility into customer infrastructure precluded proactive recommendations/trouble-shooting
    • No notification of new VMs, so couldn’t protect them
    • Backup windows were too long; monitoring reports and fixing errors stretched IT resources

At a glance

Data Management by the Numbers:

400+ customers, 800 VMs, 2 PB of data under management


VMware, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle

Platform/File System:

Microsoft Windows 2003/2008/2008R2/2012, Linux Red Hat/CentOS/ Fedora/Ubuntu


Commvault Software: Backup and Recovery, Archive, Search, Content Indexing, Edge


  • Able to manage virtual environments; auto-discover new VMs as they are created
  • Insight into customer environments, enables simple ‘flick of a switch’ to turn on new functionality
  • Error-free backups are completed within two to three hours
  • Advising and developing Customer Disaster Recovery Roadmaps is more proactive

Hear directly from Ubistor on how it uses Commvault to deliver cloud solutions to its customers.


Commvault’s feature-rich solution is one that our customers will never outgrow. With the visibility into our customers’ environments that Commvault software provides, we can, to an even greater degree, help them with disaster recovery planning and make recommendations on technology they need to adopt to achieve their goals and save money.

Dave Brooks

CTO, UbiStor

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