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An easy-to-use disaster recovery software solution with orchestration, automation and verifiable recoverability for data availability across on-prem and cloud environments.

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Simple, flexible & scalable

Protecting your data has never been more important. And as the number and types of your workloads increase – the cloud, VMs, containers, applications, databases, and endpoints – so too does the complexity of protecting and managing it all. Commvault’s standalone Disaster Recovery software is easy to implement, extensible, and cost-effective. It allows you to protect and recover your entire data environment through a single, intuitive, web-based user interface, delivering replication, disaster recovery, compliance reporting, and more!

  • Automation for DR scripts, compliance reporting and outage discovery
  • Flexible copy data management for verifiable recovery and repurposing for testing and DevOps
  • Built-in, end-to-end encryption, including at rest and in flight
  • Intuitive, web-based user interface with role-based access control and single-pane-of glass management of multi-CommCell estates
  • Fast replication of VMs, applications, and storage snapshots
  • Flexible sub-minute RPOs and RTOs to balance mission criticality of workloads
  • Security scans of replicas at the DR site with resilient ransomware protection
  • File anomaly dashboard enhances platform resiliency to cyber threats
  • Cost-optimized cloud data mobility with support for Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and VMware Cloud   
  • 1-click failover, failback, and recovery
  • Scale-out architecture to accommodate data growth

And, it integrates seamlessly with Commvault Backup & Recovery, for complete data protection, should your data management requirements go beyond Disaster Recovery.

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Mastering modern disaster recovery:

Why Customers trust Commvault to be Recovery Ready

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From hurricanes to ransomware

The very nature of disasters – and how you recover from them – has changed dramatically. A spike in scams, phishing, ransomware, and malware across all platforms and attack vectors is a direct result of cybercriminals leveraging pandemic-related work-from-home scenarios. This adds to the traditional threats posed by natural disasters, weather events, infrastructure failure, and human error. But with Commvault, you can be confident that you’re ready for whatever might come your way!

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A robust feature set with flexibility and
scalability in mind

Commvault addresses the complexity of mixed workloads, head-on. With support for multiple data types – including applications, databases, virtual machines and hypervisors – along with multi-cloud integration, one-click failover, multi-tenancy support, live replication, and intuitive reporting, Commvault allows you to protect and recover your entire data environment, wherever it resides. And by enabling you to leverage your protected data through Copy Data Management, Commvault provides a cost-effective means to extract more business value from your data, for such things as DevOps, testing, and analytics, helping to reduce storage cost and improving business outcomes.

Commvault Command Center

A single view for managing your entire data environment

The Commvault Command Center™ is an easy-to-use, highly-customizable web-based user interface for managing your data protection and disaster recovery initiatives. With default configuration values and streamlined procedures, it saves time on routine data protection and recovery tasks.

Use the Command Center to set up your data protection environment, to identify content that you want to protect, and to initiate and monitor backups and restores. Easily access various components including downloads, forms, analytics, monitoring, reporting and more. And role-based access control enables a controlled environment for self-service, helping to reduce the load on your admins and IT support staff.

The Command Center enables single-pane-of glass management across multi-CommCell estates, to increase agility and reduce administrative costs.

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