The Enterprise Success Program (ESP)

Providing 360+ Enterprise customers with Commvault experts, responsible for maximizing the value and benefits of their Commvault platform.

ESP Overview

“To be our customers most trusted advisors”

Your business data is the key to your success. The Commvault solution is more than just industry-leading data management software. It’s a strategic investment. Maximize your return with Commvault Enterprise Success Program. Commvault’s paid Enterprise Success model aims to align Commvault’s capabilities to your business initiatives and helps you drive the best outcomes. 

We proactively monitor your environment to ensure you get the most out of the solutions you own, provide insights into Commvault’s roadmap, and highlight features that will benefit your business most. We also proactively identify ways we can deliver incremental business value, from Core to Metallic.

Drive customer

Onboarding and Improve business goal solutions to better advocate for faster time to value. World class support and regular point of contact to improve product adoption and functionality. 


Deep understanding of your environment including custom success plans created by trusted advisors using best practice guidance.

Predict issues &
proactively guide

Enable business process improvement and proactively plan for growth to help maintain optimal performance, using health metrics monitoring.

Success Services

Commvault technical consultants ensure that your data management environment is designed for optimal results, configured quickly, and is easy to maintain.

Enhanced Service Level Objectives (SLO)

Improved incident response times for customers subscribing to Guided Success (SAM), ESP Elite, & Dedicated Success programs, who also benefit from exclusive access to “SEV0” incidents. Note: SLOs apply to Core product only

Exclusive Roadmap Sessions

Bi-yearly key events include enterprise success NPS surveys, exclusive roadmap webinars, product releases, and one ad-hoc extra roadmap session per year.

Total Customer

There are many other teams within Commvault that are here to help: Worldwide support, development, education, enablement, professional services, and sales engineering.


Request the full Commvault Enterprise Success Program Service offerings that complements our software platform and provides results-oriented data protection to customers worldwide.


A specialized team of seasoned Commvault professionals focused on helping you meet your key Commvault objectives & reduce your risk profile. A single point of contact readily available to help with all your Q&A needs.

Insights & Visibility

Key insights and visibility on current and emerging Commvault new features, roadmap timelines, and recommended practices.

Unique Understanding

Build a knowledge base specific to your unique environment, to expedite troubleshooting and facilitate quick resolution.  


“Front of the line” visibility for break-fix issues and escalation management.

(ESP) Net Promoter Score

Out of 300+ surveys with our customers, we received a world class net promoter score

We understand that your experience with our products and services is paramount. That’s why we rely on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a key metric to gauge customer satisfaction.

Feedback through NPS is invaluable in shaping the future of our solutions and ensuring that we provide the best possible experience for our customers.



NPS measures your likelihood to recommend Commvault’s Enterprise Success Program (ESP) to others, and it helps us continually enhance our offerings to better meet your needs.