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Enterprise Success Program (ESP)

We provide Commvault expertise to 360+ enterprise customers, maximizing the value and benefits of their Commvault implementation. 

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ESP Overview

“To be our customers most trusted advisors”

Commvault Cloud is a strategic investment for your organization. The Enterprise Success Program (ESP) helps align Commvault Cloud with your business initiatives, monitors your environment, and provides expert guidance for maximum potential. Drive outcomes, stay ahead, and unlock incremental business value with ESP

Rich Insights

Recommended practices & industry experience based on product telemetry to gain rich visibility into your environment and how you can utilize this information to maximize efficiency and product adoption.

Proactive Engagement & Single Point of Contact

Personalized experience tailored to your unique needs with named resources to monitor your environment closely to prevent issues from arising and help you adapt to future changes and challenges for long-term stability and growth.

Improved Efficiency & Productivity

Enable business process improvement and proactively plan for growth to help maintain optimal performance, using health metrics monitoring

Risk Reduction

Industry experts can help prevent and mitigate risks, and can quantify the cost and impact of potential issues such as system failures or downtime.

Faster Time-to-Value & Solution Adoption

Maximizing the value of your investment in our technology is our top priority. We’re dedicated to helping you achieve greater product utilization, which leads to increased lifetime value and maximum returns on your investment.

Skill Gap Augmentation & Knowledge Sharing

Empower your team with our expertise and technology. We’ll fill any knowledge gaps and provide expert guidance to achieve future stability and solution consolidation.

Success Services

Commvault technical consultants provide expert assistance to make certain your data management environment is designed, configured quickly, and is easy to maintain for optimal results.

Enhanced Service Level Objectives (SLO)

Customers subscribed to Guided Success (SAM), ESP Elite, and Dedicated Success programs enjoy improved incident response times and exclusive access to “SEV0” incidents.

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Exclusive Roadmap Sessions

Key events occur twice a year, including NPS surveys, webinars, and product releases. One additional roadmap session is held annually.

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Total Customer Success

Commvault has several teams available to provide assistance, including worldwide support, development, education, enablement, professional services, and sales engineering.

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Enterprise Success Program

Request the full Commvault Enterprise Success Program Service offerings that complements our software platform and provides results-oriented data protection to customers worldwide.