NetApp and Commvault:
Accelerate and Simplify Data Protection

Superior snapshot recoverability for NetApp flash-based storage

Commvault IntelliSnap software help you modernize the way you protect your data across NetApp SolidFire all-flash storage, NetApp FAS arrays and NetApp E-Series storage solutions. Commvault software is fully integrated with NetApp snapshots for primary/vault/mirror data, and includes deduplication-aware replication and tiering across storage and cloud repositories. Commvault capitalizes on the speed of flash storage to take more snapshots more often — ensuring greater recoverability and faster time to your recovery point objectives.

Extensive support for NetApp SolidFire all-flash arrays


Optimize the protection of your NetApp SolidFire storage with Commvault IntelliSnap, which integrates SolidFire snapshots with application-level protection to increase IT efficiency and reduce the costs associated with snapshot backup and recovery:

  • Simplify your protection and recovery procedures with automated creation, retention and access of SolidFire snapshots — no manual processes or error-prone scripting required
  • Ensure the recoverability of your data with application-aware snapshots that allow for true application-consistent “hot” backups
  • Minimize administrative burden with capabilities such as automatic storage discovery and protection policy application, one-step data recovery and more
  • Reuse data for alternate workloads (such as reporting, test/dev refresh and analytics) without compromising primary storage performance

Because it’s built and delivered over a single platform, our data protection solution for FlashStack helps you accelerate time to deployment, lower IT costs and minimize implementation risk.

Snapshot management and recovery

Manage snapshots across applications, through a single pane of glass ‐ tiered and recoverable from disk, tape or cloud.

  • Achieve fast, consistent and granular data recovery from indexed and catalogued snapshots.
  • Streamline snapshots and replication management
  • Leverage validated backup architectures for FlexPod solutions

Backup consolidation

Protect enterprise data residing across heterogeneous storage environments, applications, and locations.

  • Consolidate backup operations into a single management tool
  • Replace the need to install, manage and maintain multiple hardware and software products
  • Easily scale with cost

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Here are selections from our resource library, which includes a wide range of videos, customer case studies, datasheets, whitepapers and more to further explain how Commvault can help you make your data work for you.

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