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Simplify Cybersecurity Risk Governance

Strengthen your risk governance and compliance by proactively identifying and mitigating production and backup data risks everywhere: across clouds, on-prem, and hybrid.

A man stands in a server room, focused on his laptop, managing data and ensuring smooth operations.

Manage risk across all your data. Achieve compliance everywhere. Commvault Cloud actively secures and defends data against risk and pervasive threats while meeting the most stringent confidentiality, availability, and accessibility standards. Streamline enterprise risk governance and compliance, so you can focus on driving business efficiency.

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Reduce exposure to risks and threats

Commvault strengthens your data security posture by enabling end-to-end data observability, monitoring, and response – plus SLA compliance – for all hybrid workloads.

Identify and manage critical data

Leverage smart pattern recognition and e-discovery to identify and protect user-defined sensitive data.

Limit compliance risks

Stay ahead of compliance risks by automating ROT (redundant, obsolete, trivial) data removal to reduce risk exposure.

Minimize incident impact

Monitor instances, control access and permissions, and securely remove sensitive data from unauthorized locations and backup.

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Read how Commvault Cloud Autonomous Recovery secures the British Medical Association’s core applications and  
information to help doctors deliver excellent patient care.


The Commvault® Cloud Platform

Commvault Cloud is the only cyber resilience platform built to meet the demands of the hybrid enterprise at the lowest TCO. Enabling true, cloud data security wherever your data lives, advanced AI and automation capabilities, and rapid, massive-scale recovery from a single pane of glass.

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Metallic AI®

Metallic AI is the engine that powers Commvault Cloud. It leverages a powerful mix of ML and automation to turn the tables on attackers.

How we do it

Our approach to risk governance

Everything you need to make your business cyber resilient.

Complete data visibility

Eliminate blind spots and gain full visibility into your data estate instantly.

Efficient risk governance

Optimize workloads and lower TCO while protecting your data with full-scale management.

Time saving protocols 

Act fast thanks to built-in rigorous security, governance, and data residency protocols.

Standardized SLAs 

Establish uniform SLAs across disparate workloads, with standardized retention and recoverability.

e-Discovery & legal hold

Efficiently search, find, and preserve data for legal and regulatory purposes.

Fast incident response

Automated workflows identify changes, quarantine suspicious data, perform forensics, and cleanly recover.

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