Modernize Your Approach to Data Protection   

Simplify your hybrid cloud journey with integrated storage and data protection in a scale-out architecture.   

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Overcome the limitations of outdated solutions 

Storage meets cyber resilience. HyperScale X is an intuitive scale-out solution that’s fully integrated with the Commvault Cloud. Accelerate your digital transformation journey with scalability, security, and resiliency.   

Protect all your workloads in one place 

One solution for all your workloads, including containers, databases, and virtual workloads.

Safeguard your data 

Trusted security and resiliency, with built-in ransomware protection.

Scale with confidence 

Optimized scalability to grow quickly, on premise and to the cloud.  

Hyperscale X 

Simplify your hybrid cloud security

in a scale-out architecture

Protect against ransomware 

Enhanced, multi-layered ransomware protection with advanced anomaly detection and immutable storage to prevent protected data from being accidentally or maliciously encrypted, modified, or deleted, ensuring recoverability. 

Simplified management 

Our Hyperscale X dashboard simplifies management by monitoring all HyperScale-specific storage in a single view. Quickly and easily review the performance and health of hardware and receive proactive notifications if SLAs are not being met.   

Flexible deployment options 

HyperScale X is available as an integrated appliance or validated reference design with Commvault software delivered on partner hardware. Both options combine data protection software, operating system, compute and storage in a pre-configured solution. 

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Apollo Tyres automates endpoint protection with Commvault HyperScale™  

Global tires manufacturer restores data for laptops in hours rather than days and slashes storage size by over 75% with Commvault 

How we do it 

Hybrid cloud security with integrated storage and data protection

High-performance backup and recovery 

HyperScale X includes automatic load balancing, efficient data caching, and automatic rebalancing of stored data to reduce downtime and improve data recovery.

 Built-in security and ransomware protection 

Hardened by design, HyperScale X provides multiple layers of immutability across the software, OS, and file system. 

Scalability to match your growth 

Expand as your business requires avoiding unnecessary overprovisioning expenses.   

Cost-optimized cloud data mobility 

Quickly back up, recover, and move data to, from, within, and between clouds – with no vendor lock-in.   

Maximize uptime 

Ensure availability with built-in resiliency that’s able to tolerate a node failure or multiple HD failures within a cluster with erasure coding 4+2 and 8+4, providing optimal storage efficiency. 

Certified immutability 

Keep data safe from modification and malware with immutable storage certified with SEC 17a compliance. 

Related capabilities 

Backup & Recovery 

Data backup and recovery across the industry’s broadest set of workloads – cloud, on-prem, and SaaS. 

Commvault Cloud Console

Streamline and simplify data protection with unified management, real-time insights, and consolidated views of your data – all in one convenient location.

Auto Recovery 

Protect your applications in near real-time with one click: secure, automated cyber recovery at scale. 


Commvault® Cloud 

The leading platform for modern data protection, reimagined from the ground-up to solve the challenges of the hybrid world.  

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Powered by Metallic® AI

Metallic AI is the engine that drives Commvault Cloud. It leverages a powerful mix of ML and automation that identifies and tags sensitive data using static or dynamic patterns to recognize diverse patterns.

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