eDiscovery & Compliance 

Secure Your Data. Stay Compliant.

Help defend your data against potential risks and liabilities. Respond quickly to legal and regulatory compliance requests. 

Help defend against costly compliance breaches 

Failing to maintain compliant data practices is costly. Can you trust your data is secure and meets regulatory and compliance requirements?

Rest easy, stay compliant 

Commvault eDiscovery & Compliance makes it easy to stay on top of compliance, regulatory, and legal needs.   

Collect data from immutable sources

Proactively secure and preserve ESI from immutable backups to help ensure that original data isn’t lost or modified.

Streamline the review process 

Potentially reduce the time and costs spent between IT and external legal departments to expedite discovery and review.

Prove chain of custody 

Built-in reporting, auditing, and logging to help ensure data is not modified or deleted for legal and compliance purposes. 

Feature Details

Streamline data collection while maintaining regulatory compliance    

Quickly collect ESI for investigations, legal, compliance and FOIA/Open Records requests with a fast, efficient, and scalable data collection solution. 

Accelerate search and review of electronically stored information (ESI) 
  • ESI can be easily searched using advanced methods
  • Enhanced case management review can improve eDiscovery & Compliance
  • Quickly export relevant data in multiple formats
Streamline and automate ESI collection 
  • Automate data collection for custodians/files which can allow for an increase in productivity with one-time, scheduled, or continuous operations 
  • Reduce ESI collection time with pre-indexed backups
Assure trusted data and establish chain-of-custody 
  • Confirmation that original data is not lost or modified
  • Provides a safeguard for case folders and their contents 

Federal Government Agency    

The agency gained a single backup solution with one interface for its entire infrastructure, with less cost and complexity. 

The Commvault Platform  

At Commvault, we’re redefining modern data protection with the only comprehensive data protection platform purpose-built to secure, defend, and recover data across all workloads and environments for the lowest TCO. 

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