Chart Industries solves its $5,000-a-minute downtime issue with Commvault

Commvault gives Chart Industries peace of mind by safeguarding business continuity across its global operations. The new backup and disaster recovery solution recently helped the business resume normal operations within 20 hours of a major downtime incident.


  • Downtime could cost the business $5,000 a minute
  • Managing the complexity of nine unique backup strategies, costing $1 million annually, across more than 40 sites
  • Ability to scale limited by existing tape, USB and network storage mix
  • No centralized management of backup processes or technologies


  • Multi-dimensional backup strategy using Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery
  • Commvault Live Sync replication creates virtual copies of servers in Azure cloud
  • Single solution protects global data center, 40-plus divisional sites and cloud service


  • Rapid recovery: full recovery within 20 hours after losing 75% of global systems
  • Efficient use of resources: 282 recovery jobs run by just 11 people in 20 hours
  • Minimizes business impact: fewer than 10 in-flight files lost in a major outage
  • Safeguards manufacturing operations and reputation
40 sites and cloud services protected.