Hana TI projects a 50% TCO reduction thanks to Commvault

Korean financial IT service provider adopts a flexible and scalable solution to support Hana Financial Group’s public cloud services


  • Insufficient capacity in existing solution to back up increased data volume in public cloud environment
  • Need for a flexible data management solution to support instant backups for kernel-based virtual machines (OpenStack hypervisors) and various backend storage media
  • Desire to replicate data remotely from the integrated data center in Cheongna to the second cloud data center located in Seoul’s Bundang district


  • Deployed Commvault Complete™ Data Protection as the single platform to back up, recover, and replicate data in the integrated data center
  • Commvault solution installation was supported by Commvault partner Softtop10, which also provides post-implementation maintenance services


  • Anticipated to reduce total ownership costs by 50%
  • 30% improvement in backup performance
  • Gained a flexible and scalable data management system to support future expansion
  • Improved operational efficiency by monitoring the entire backup environment in the integrated data center from a single interface
  • Enhanced market position by simplifying configuration and expansion of new services, such as data vaulting and backup-as-a-service (BaaS)




Icheon, Korea



At a glance

  • A fully owned subsidiary of Hana Financial Group in Korea
  • Provides financial IT services to 14 group companies
  • Received 2021 National Brand Award in the financial IT services industry for the fourth consecutive year

Key assets protected

  • 150 TB backup data
  • 1,000 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and 8
  • OpenStack hypervisors
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL databases
  • Network File System

The backup environment

  • Commvault Complete Data Protection

“Thanks to the flexibility and scalability of Commvault Complete Data Protection, we expect to reduce the total cost of ownership by 50%.”

-Jee-ha Hwang Cell Lead, Group Cloud Cell | Hana TI

Protecting diverse workloads in Hana Financial public cloud

Established in 1990, Hana TI provides safe and efficient financial IT services to 14 affiliated companies of Hana Financial Group in Korea. It specializes in information security and public cloud services across all financial fields, including banking, securities, credit cards, and insurance. With the 2017 opening of its integrated data center in Cheongna, Hana TI aims to expand its business globally by delivering new value to its group customers.

Through continuous innovation in business portfolios and public-private partnership, Hana TI experienced unprecedented data growth in its public cloud environment. However, its legacy backup solution could not scale and accommodate various workload types, such as OpenStack hypervisors and Network File System. There was also no replication function to perform remote data vaulting to a second cloud data center in the Bundang district of Seoul.

Hana TI wanted to overhaul the group’s public cloud backup system with a more flexible and scalable data management solution. It’s goal was to ensure complete data protection while increasing operational efficiency.

“We chose Commvault Complete™ Data Protection for its scale-out architecture, replication function, and ability to back up OpenStack and various backend storage media,” said Jee-ha Hwang, Cell Lead, Group Cloud Cell, Hana TI.

Improving backup performance by 30% and reducing TCO by 50%

With the growth of Hana Financial Group’s public cloud services, Hana TI needed to implement a data management solution that could support increasing data volume and cover a wide range of virtual machines and storage environments.

By deploying Commvault Complete Data Protection, Hana TI can now back up instances in the OpenStack environment immediately without building a separate infrastructure. Commvault also supports numerous backend storage media, including Network File System, which was not possible previously.

“Unlike other third-party solutions that required us to install agents for multiple backup destinations and charged per agent, Commvault provides a storage-based licensing model that costs less to scale,” said Jee-ha.

“Thanks to the flexibility and scalability of Commvault Complete Data Protection, we expect to reduce the total cost of ownership by 50%.”

Another benefit of adopting the Commvault solution is the improvement in backup performance by 30% through the use of scale-out architecture. Hana TI also leverages the built-in replication function to perform remote data vaulting to its second cloud data center. This makes it possible for Hana TI to provide data vaulting services to its group customers.

In addition, Hana TI can easily manage endpoint user rights and cloud resources through Commvault Command Center™. For example, it can quickly configure BaaS to give customers the authority to send backups directly to Hana TI, if required.

“With a powerful Commvault solution, we gained the edge to quickly expand our portfolios, such as BaaS and data vaulting, with no additional cost,” said Jee-ha.

The Commvault solution’s intuitive dashboard also enabled administrators to monitor the backup and recovery status for three virtualized clusters via a single user interface. This greatly enhanced user convenience and maximized overall operating efficiency.

Supporting future expansion

Hana TI started the group’s public cloud backup system upgrade project in early 2021. After conducting a comprehensive evaluation, Hana TI implemented Commvault Complete Data Protection as the single data management solution for all the systems in the integrated data center.

With the support from Commvault partner Softtop 10, Hana TI completed the project in just one month. The company will consider introducing additional licenses based on the capacity of virtual machines and future data growth.