Jindal Saw restores endpoint data faster
and securely with Commvault

Leading global manufacturer improves the speed to back up and restore critical data and ensures seamless data migration with Commvault


  • Data restoration for individual endpoints was slow and expensive
  • Support from previous Veritas solution did not meet expectations
  • Needed central point of management plus advanced protection for critical systems from ransomware attacks
  • Cost concerns for migrating data from Oracle to SAP HANA


  • Deployed Commvault Complete™Backup & Recovery to centralize data protection for LPAR virtual servers, DB2, Sybase, SAP Max DB and SAP HANA databases across remote sites and 350 endpoints
  • Partner ARROW PC provides instrumental guidance and support from strategy to implementation


  • Gained ability to easily monitor backup jobs and media server at each location via a single dashboard
  • Zero additional cost for data migration to SAP HANA
  • Autonomous backups and reporting enabled the team to refocus on innovation instead of troubleshooting
  • Fast, frequent backups of critical SAP HANA database without downtime
  • Empowered remote users to rapidly restore their own endpoint data without involving IT support
  • Gave peace of mind to the business that the data is safe and secure
  • Access to timely, expert assistance from Commvault Customer Support

“Commvault and Arrow PC make a great team –they are energetic, customer-centric, and they deliver.”

-Sunil Tripathy, AGM-Core IT, Jindal Saw

“Compared to Veritas and Dell EMC, Commvault Complete™Backup & Recovery is the most cost-effective solution.”

-Sunil Tripathy, AGM-Core IT, Jindal Saw

“The best part of Commvault is empowering our users to restore their own endpoint data without bringing in IT support.”

–Sunil Tripathy, AGM-Core IT, Jindal Saw