La Redoute UK cuts data protection licensing costs with Commvault

French e-commerce retailer ensures business continuity with Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery


  • Legacy backup and recovery product tripled in price
  • Lost the capability to perform site-to-site replication due to outsourcing of call centers and warehouse
  • Evolving GDPR regulations required more robust security


  • Deployed Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery to support head office’s cost control measures and offsite recovery
  • Worked with Commvault partner PAV IT Services Ltd to implement a new data management platform and keep it operating smoothly


  • £60,000 saved in licensing fees over three years
  • Ensured continuity of e-commerce operations with Commvault supporting offsite backup between head office and call center
  • Nearly 50% reduction in backup resources with a simplified backup solution
  • Twelve to 24 hours each week saved in backup administration time
  • More robust security to meet Europe’s stringent data privacy rules


e-commerce retail, fashion and home furnishings


Bradford, UK


La Redoute UK

  • 750,000 e-commerce customers in UK
  • Offers line of credit to customers for purchases

Key assets protected

  • Three SQL servers
  • Sixteen VMware virtual machines, two VMware ESXi Hypervisor
  • Five Windows file systems
  • Credit information for approximately 350,000 customers

The Backup Environment

  • Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery
  • QSAN Storage

Ensuring business continuity

La Redoute, an e-commerce retailer, is the second largest retailer of women’s fashion in France. The company’s United Kingdom division sells French apparel and home furnishings throughout the British Isles to 750,000 customers.

For years, the UK division had been using a Barracuda backup system to replicate data between the head office, a call center, and the warehouse. When the warehouse was outsourced to a third party and call center operations taken over by another vendor, La Redoute lost the capability to perform site-to-site replication and provide smooth e-commerce operations. At about the same time, the Barracuda introductory offer expired and the cost of that product was set to triple.

Compared to our previous backup solution, Commvault offered the most cost-effective solution in terms of pricing and ease of offsite recovery. We’re saving about £60,000 over three years.

— Andy Green, Head of IT and Facilities | La Redoute UK

£20,000 per year saved in data protection licensing

Because La Redoute’s headquarters had adopted strict fiscal controls across Europe, La Redoute UK needed a cost-effective solution for backups and a way to execute site-to-site replication. La Redoute worked with PAV IT Services to conduct a multi-point comparison of Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery versus competitors, with price as a primary gauge.

“Compared to our previous backup solution, Commvault offered the most cost-effective solution in terms of pricing and ease of offsite recovery. We’re saving about £60,000 over three years,” said Andy Green, La Redoute head of IT and facilities.

After the implementation, La Redoute UK upgraded to Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery, which allowed the retailer to integrate the company’s VMware hardware for more streamlined operations. Commvault also supported the retailer’s migration to Microsoft Office 365.

Improving operational efficiency and data security

Licensing was not the only savings. Green says Commvault let him reassign resources, requiring only one staffer dedicated to backup responsibilities instead of the five he had previously. And the operational efficiencies gained further extend ROI.

“We are probably saving a half a day or a day’s time every week in backup,” Green said.

Europe’s stringent data privacy laws are also in play.

“Our need for robust backup and restore processes and greater cyber security is heightened by GDPR. I feel we get that protection from Commvault,” Green said. “Commvault has certainly met our expectations and solved the problems that we had with cost-effectiveness and offsite recovery. I’m happy to recommend Commvault to people. It’s saved us money and saved us headaches.”

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