South Tyrol Civil Protection Agency simplifies GDPR compliance with Commvault

Italian province simplifies compliance, optimizes storage capacity, and
reduces backup times by 85%


  • Insufficient visibility of personal data required for GDPR compliance
  • Limited IT resources available to work on strategic projects due to time-consuming backup processes
  • Avoid ongoing expenditure on storage capacity
  • Improve availability and quality of data for rescue teams, including at disaster relief sites


  • Commvault Activate™ and Commvault Orchestrate™ simplify the discovery of personal data Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery and Commvault Hyperscale™ provide centralized protection for physical, virtual and client devices
  • Commvault Hyperscale™ remote appliance enables automated backups from devices used by on-site emergency teams


  • Faster response to GDPR requests due to simplified discovery and accuracy of personal data
  • 85% reduction in full backup times optimizing operational efficiency
  • Half a day freed up every week with simpler archiving process
  • 62% deduplication and compression rate and smarter retention policies optimize storage capacity and costs
  • Mobile appliance maximizes data availability and integrity at disaster relief sites




Bolzano, Italy


In numbers

  • 34 services
  • 100,000 calls per year
  • 210 employees
  • 19,000 volunteers
  • 2,800 miles covered
  • 500,000 citizens safeguarded

Key assets protected

  • 220 virtual machines
  • Physical servers
  • Laptops and virtual desktops
  • 60 terabytes of data

Simplify GDPR compliance

Responding to requests under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is hard enough. But when your data is distributed across multiple systems and involves unstructured files, such as recordings of emergency calls, it gets even harder.

With Commvault, the Agency for Civil Protection in the South Tyrol, a region encompassing Austria and Italy, has simplified the discovery and aggregation of personal data, which means it can now respond to GDPR requests faster using a combination of Commvault Activate™ and Commvault Orchestrate™.

“We can quickly and easily search 60 terabytes of data stored on physical and virtual servers as well as backup files,” says Stefan Hellweger, Head of IT for the agency. “Commvault has improved transparency and optimized how we respond to GDPR requests.”

Commvault helps to maximize our resources and ensures our teams have access to the data they need to execute successful rescue missions.

— –Stefan Hellweger, Head of IT, Agency for Civil Protection, South Tyrol

Maximize data availability

The Alpine mountains of the South Tyrol attract millions of visitors. The region’s Civil Protection System responds to 100,000 requests for assistance every year – from fires and avalanches to road accidents. The agency is also responsible for weather alerts, traffic situation reports, constructing and maintaining dams, and earthquake monitoring equipment, which help to mitigate potential hazards.

“Capturing, sharing, and storing data is key to delivering seamless and responsive services,” says Stefan Hellweger, Head of IT for the agency. “We need to ensure the integrity and availability of operational information even when our teams are working in emergency situations.”

In 2019, the agency replaced multiple backup solutions with a scalable data management platform founded on six Commvault HyperScale™ Appliances and Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery. The simple licensing model and competitive total cost of ownership were key factors in selecting Commvault over other vendors, such as Rubrik, and incumbent solutions from Veeam and Veritas.

Optimize backup efficiency and capacity

A compression and deduplication rate of 62% have transformed data management. “With Commvault, we have reduced the time taken to run a full backup from two days to seven hours,” explains Hellweger. “The archive process is also more efficient, which will save us around half a day a week.”

The mobile Commvault HyperScale Appliance means data can be backed up from remote devices being used as part of long-term rescue efforts. “We need to have a record of the actions taken. With the mobile appliance, we can safeguard against data loss with automated and centralized backups,” adds Hellweger.

85% reduction in full backup times helps South Tyrol Civil Protection Agency optimize operational efficiency.

By using Commvault technology to protect critical datasets, such as rescue mission reports and meteorological information for weather pattern analysis, the agency can safeguard citizens and visitors across the South Tyrol. The retention policies for these assets and other administrative information can be automated to optimize storage capacity.

When data needs to be restored, a self-service portal empowers the agency’s users to execute the process. “With Commvault, we have a single point of control for disaster recovery and compliance. It helps to maximize our resources and ensures our teams have access to the data they need to execute successful rescue missions,” says Hellweger.