Town of Kent improves security and backup recovery across campus locations

The Town of Kent was seeking to modernize communications and security across separate IT environments and spread over multiple campus locations. One of the most critical challenges was improving network security for the police department. Requirements included built-in network protection and failover, as well as data backup and recovery for sensitive emergency call recordings -such as 911 calls -that might be used in judicial hearings. In the event of a disaster or cyber attack, they wanted their data and call recordings safe and easily recoverable.


  • Aging network infrastructures operating in separate IT environments
  • Concerned about potential cyber and ransomware threats
  • Needed to strengthen network security and add automatic data backup, storage and disaster recovery capabilities for entire campus


  • Deployed next-generation firewalls and intrusion prevention system with multiple layers of defense
  • Provided 24/7/365 monitoring and management for real-time alerting of security risks
  • Collaborated with partners Magna5 and Commvault® and implemented Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery solution to keep data and call records safe and easily recoverable in the event of a disaster or cyber attack


  • Reduces exposure to cyber threats with early-warning detection and real-time remediation
  • Safeguards critical police data and call recordings with cloud backup and recovery
  • Enables backup protection and quick restore for end-user systems, infrastructures and applications, regardless of data type or source
  • Minimizes downtime and business disruption with seamless data recovery in minutes

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