Woodward, Inc. is
Ready for the Data
Blizzard with the
help of Commvault

See how Woodward, Inc. scaled protection for exponential data growth while lowering costs


  • Missing RPO/RTO requirements due to slow backup processes, inconsistent backup policies, and data protection gaps
  • Exponential data growth driving costly storage consumption and restores taking too long to execute
  • No central management or backup visibility interfered with establishing disaster recovery plans and managing risk


  • Commvault™ Complete Data Protection for all sites and environments, on-premises, and in the AWS cloud
  • Single, unified solution protecting all workloads across 25 locations in a hybrid cloud environment
  • Ransomware protection provides a clean copy to recover in the event of an attack


  • Reduced SLAs for large backup and restore jobs to 24-hour RPO, down from a week or more
  • Saved approximately 10 hours a week in administrative time; now only handling exceptions, not daily failures
  • 70%+ data reduction with deduplication leading to increased data retention and faster restores
  • Lowered SQL backup times from over 24 hours to 15 minutes, improving database point in time recovery
  • Scaled flawlessly through quadrupled data growth and supported extension to AWS cloud


Aeronautical industrial manufacturing


Fort Collins, CO



In numbers

  • Founded in 1870
  • More than 9,000 employees
  • 25 sites covered

Key assets protected

  • 1,522 VMs (2 PB)
  • 127 Windows File System (3 TB)
  • 16 Exchange servers (14 TB)
  • 92 SQL servers (33 TB)
  • NDMP / NAS File systems (16.5 TB)
  • Protection extended to AWS cloud (S3 and Glacier)

The backup environment

  • Agent Licensed CommCell (subscription based)
  • IDA Files System for Windows, NAS
  • Microsoft Exchange DAG Agent
  • IDA for SQL, mySQL
  • VSA with IntelliSnap for VMware
  • Global deduplication policies
  • Smaller sites use deduplication for local disk backups and DASH copy with efficient replication to larger data centers for long term tape storage.

Modernizing to support significant data growth

Woodward, Inc. is an American designer, manufacturer and service provider of control systems and components for aircrafts engines, industrial engines and power systems. The company has been growing significantly across dozens of global networking sites, with exponential data expansion that quadrupled the size of data and backed-up servers. Virtual machine sprawl ate into company resources while also complicating backup operations that lacked standardized procedures.

Slow legacy servers and apps led to RPO and RTO requirements not being met and the absence of a coherent, comprehensive disaster recovery plan made things worse. Topping this all off was increased backup storage costs via disk and tape and a lack of central management or cross-department visibility into data protection and backup policy compliance.

70%+ deduplication reduced storage costs & enabled longer data retention

Reduced backup windows by 86% for large jobs

Major savings retiring tape libraries at smaller sites

“Our existing backup products were not meeting our needs. Veritas had daily issues and our backups were just not reliable. Any restore requests that came in we just crossed our fingers and made a best effort at recovery. Veeam did much better with our virtual environment, but lacked the ability to be a full enterprise solution for our physical servers and applications. Commvault to the rescue! Our long standing backup and restore problems are now a thing of the past.”

– Loren Leveque, Sr. Manager IT and System Networking | Woodward, Inc.

“Prior to Commvault, I used to cringe when I received a restore request since backups would frequently fail. Commvault gives me full confidence in backup/restore and recovery processes. I am ready to support the backup, restore and archive needs of our company while meeting stakeholder SLAs.”

– Loren Leveque, Sr. Manager IT and System Networking | Woodward, Inc.

Unified data management for reduced cost and improved control

The company tried addressing their needs with an array of disparate solutions including HP Data Protector, Veeam, Veritas Backup Exec, IBM Tivoli and more. In the end, Woodward was able to replace everything with comprehensive Commvault™ Complete Data Protection and switched all global sites to this solution.

“Commvault now handles all of the company’s data in all locations while meeting RPO and RTO requirements, managing ransomware risks and controlling resource usage and costs,” stated Loren Leveque, Sr. Manager IT and System Networking with Woodward. As a result, Woodward has reduced the overhead of managing their data protection, can consistently enforce backup, restore and retention policies, and has unprecedented comprehensive visibility and reporting across the end-to-end environment.

Data management that grows with the company’s needs

Woodward, Inc. is a long-time Commvault customer, the original implementation took place over 20+ years ago. Commvault has anticipated evolving customers’ needs and developed leading solutions that meet data oversight requirements. This proactive approach has helped Woodward safely expand their presence to the AWS cloud while significantly reducing backup storage for their largest datasets by 50-90% using global deduplication.

“Data is our most valuable asset. We’re confident that it’s backed up, protected from threats, and ultimately recoverable, and that Commvault has the flexibility and scalability to meet future requirements across our evolving environment,” offered Leveque. Woodward has continued to stay abreast of other data protection technologies on the market, and consistently chooses Commvault as their partner of choice.