Case Study: Yantai Shinho

Yantai Shinho improves RPO by 84 percent and cuts storage costs with AWS and Commvault. Chinese condiment manufacturer enhances reliability of backup and recovery and supports data growth while improving operational efficiency.

The challenge

  • Ever-increasing data volume causing missed backup windows
  • Lack of centralized control of data backups across multiple platforms, including SAP, VMware, SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange and AWS
  • Strengthened compliance requirements on RTO and RPO for critical systems

The solutions

  • Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery simplifies backups and recovery
  • Commvault Activate™ helps to maximize the value of data
  • Migrates backup data to Amazon S3 from local storage to enhance compliance and reduce costs

The benefits

  • RTO for critical systems reduced from 8 to 2 hours and RPO from 12 to 2 hours
  • Completed backup for core databases within 30 minutes
  • Reduced storage costs with full backup volume for each TB compressed to approximately 100GB by global deduplication
  • Freed up IT staff to focus on more strategic projects
  • Supported future data analysis by enabling keyword searching of full document contents

Improving productivity and service levels with automated backup

Since its establishment in 1992, Yantai Shinho has grown from making a single premium soy sauce to 13 popular condiments. Though its range has expanded, Shinho’s core beliefs have endured: treating consumers as family, promoting new farming methods and sound food consumption, tackling food waste and soil deterioration, and sharing information to help more people eat well.

Yantai Shinho has adopted a wide range of applications and IT platforms to achieve its vision, including a variety of databases to support hundreds of terabytes of data. As its product lines grew the volume of data generated grew, too, making it unfeasible for system engineers to manually manage backups for each database.

“Backing up more than 200-plus terabytes of data across different regional data centers and Amazon Web Services (AWS) represented a major challenge, especially with increasingly limited backup and recovery windows due to business growth,” says Jundong Xia, Yantai Shinho Senior Manager of IT Platform Management. “After deploying Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery, we reduced RTO by 75 percent and RPO by 84 percent, and achieved verification of all backup copies in minutes instead of hours.”

These improvements helped Yantai Shinho raise service levels for both internal systems and various supply chain cloud applications provided for its production, wholesaling, and retailing partners. Commvault also freed system engineers from time-consuming tasks, such as writing scripts and manually managing backups of each system.

Yantai Shinho manages the entire backup and verification process with its synthetic full backup function and generates intuitive reports, so IT staff can focus on more valuable activities.

Enhancing disaster recovery and compliance while reducing storage costs

In addition to automation and fast-tracking backup and recovery processes, Yantai Shinho also replaced on-premises data storage by using Amazon S3 with Commvault. The company has implemented hundreds of data protection and recovery agents, which allow it to back up local system data as well as a custom database hosted on AWS.

“By migrating backup data to Commvault and leveraging the redundancy capabilities of Amazon S3, we have enhanced data protection compliance, disaster recovery capabilities, and real-time availability, especially for critical applications such as SAP.”

Commvault constantly monitors and releases disk space by deleting outdated data, relieving system engineers from having to monitor disk space manually and reducing the risk of downtime due to insufficient archiving space.

“With AWS and Commvault, we have achieved significant cost savings: from cutting down on maintenance personnel and datacenter expenses for local storage to reducing data volumes,” says Xia. “With deduplication, we only need to store incremental data even for a full backup, which reduces capacity requirements.” For example, the backup file for a system with a data volume of 2.37TB only requires 300GB of storage.

Exploring potential opportunities with search in mind

To support better analysis, Yantai Shinho deployed Commvault Activate™ to perform keyword searches and content analysis of more than 30 million files. This enabled the company to maximize the value of its data and support business growth.Although Yantai Shinho currently uses these functions primarily for archiving and indexing, it is exploring further opportunities to utilize its abundant data assets. This determination to explore new possibilities aligns with its decision to adopt Commvault® software.

“Our number one reason for selecting Commvault is that it actively embraces the latest technologies, such as cloud, making it easy to structure, implement, and scale,” Xia says. “Commvault also ensures any important files can be restored after making major changes to the systems. Now we can reliably roll back to any backup copies created prior to new function release, which was not guaranteed with our previous backup solution.”

At-a-glance: Yantai Shinho Food Co., Ltd.

Industry: Manufacturing

Headquarters: Yantai, China

By the numbers

  • Operating since 1992
  • Products enjoyed by 40 million families worldwide
  • More than 5,000 employees
  • 200TB-plus data across SAP, Oracle and AWS Cloud

Key assets provided

  • SAP applications
  • Oracle database
  • Active Directory
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • VMware virtual machines

The backup environment

  • Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery
  • Commvault Activate™
  • Amazon S3