Yura Corporation reduces costs and boosts business continuity

Global automotive component manufacturer uses an integrated approach to cloud-based backups and ensures non-stop operations


  • Ensure continuous manufacturing operations by reliably backing up critical data to an offshore cloud data center and preventing data loss in the event of a natural disaster
  • Reduce costs associated with backing up data to the cloud and increasing storage volumes
  • Simplify operational management of backups and restores


  • Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery protects SAP ERP solution, email data and e-approval records
  • Solution deployed and integrated with Microsoft Azure in partnership with Newcom


  • Minimized risk and disruption to manufacturing operations by seamlessly protecting data in Microsoft Azure environment located outside of South Korea
  • Reduced costs and workload for cloud backup and data migration
  • Optimized storage capacity through deduplication
  • Increased efficiency with simplified and centralized data management by gaining at-a-glance visibility of backup status and operational reports




Gyeonggi-do, South Korea



In numbers

  • 14 countries
  • 46 sites
  • 30 TB of data

The backup environment

  • Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery

Optimizing business continuity and service quality

Established in 1987 with a long history in the Korean automotive market, Yura Corporation is a global manufacturer of electric and electronic components. An advanced research and development center has enabled the company to expand its product portfolio to include manufacturing execution, product lifecycle management, quality management and big data.

To ensure its customer services and manufacturing operations are not impacted by natural disasters, Yura Corporation wanted to use a cloud backup solution to safeguard data availability. Although it has more than 40 business sites around the world, the company’s disaster recovery centers are all located in South Korea. If the centers were no longer operational, it could expose Yura Corporation to reputational and financial risk.

“We wanted to add an extra layer to the usual approach of storing primary and secondary backups,” says Byeong-Sub Park, Senior Manager for the Information Operations Team at Yura Corporation. “An offshore cloud backup would help prevent data loss in the event of a disaster or attack.”

Commvault enabled us to efficiently configure a cloud backup environment and dramatically reduced the workload for migrating data.

— Byeong-Sub Park, Senior Manager for the Information Operations Team | Yura Corporation

Back up to the cloud for extra protection and lower costs

With Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery, Yura Corporation can now run a weekly backup of its critical SAP enterprise resource planning platform, IBM Notes inboxes and e-approval data to overseas Microsoft Azure data centers.

“Commvault enabled us to efficiently configure a cloud backup environment and dramatically reduced the workload for migrating data,” says Byeong-Sub Park.Commvault’s partnership with Microsoft also enables Yura Corporation to manage and protect its data seamlessly across a wide range of environments, including a virtualized VMware backup infrastructure, a cloud-based disaster recovery platform and virtual machine snapshots hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Maximize backup efficiency and ensures data availability

Commvault partner Newcom helped Yura Corporation to deploy the Commvault solution in July 2018, which has led to financial and efficiency gains.

“Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery out-performed other vendors with its deduplication features, cloud backup compatibility and convenient operational management. The solution has improved our efficiency and lowered the costs associated with cloud backup and data migration,” comments Byeong-Sub Park.

With Commvault, Yura Corporation can consolidate data backup, archive and restore on a single solution while benefiting from deduplication and encryption. Commvault’s deduplication capabilities have enabled Yura Corporation to reduce costs byoptimizing storage capacity and tape utilization. Faster recovery and better data availability have maximized the company’s efficiency.

A centralized platform for data management also reduces operational complexity and increases efficiency for Yura Corporation’s IT team. Email-based reports enable team members to check backup and recovery status, which can also be verified via the Microsoft Azure environment. Simple and intuitive scheduling for backups and restores have helped to free up resources.

Commvault Complete Backup u0026amp; Recovery

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