Commvault Ransomware Services

Offering overview

By 2025, ransomware attacks are predicted to cost businesses an estimated $10.5T annually in lost revenue, brand impact, and missed opportunities.¹ In a 2021 Proofpoint survey, 65% of CISOs feel at risk of suffering a cyberattack.² Minimizing such attacks’ impact requires a comprehensive readiness plan to prepare for and respond to potential outages. Being Recovery Ready means you have the confidence and ability to quickly address ransomware issues across your environment, across physical servers, virtual machines, and various cloud platforms. You support multiple data-recovery tiers – extending into applications, endpoints, and more – to meet your workload Service Level Agreements (SLAs). From prevention to disaster recovery, you want your data protected and available when needed, and you want the freedom to choose the infrastructure types that best fit your needs and budget.

Commvault Ransomware Services

Your Commvault data protection and management solution plays a critical role in These services provide the resources and expertise needed to harden your Commvault environment solution from an attack, review the state of your environment over time, and help you return to normal business operations when an attack does occur.3

They are designed to provide the flexibility, needed support, and service level that best aligns with your business requirements. Three different services allow you to choose the resources and expertise necessary to better protect, manage, or respond to an attack or disaster. The available Services are:

Commvault Assess Service

Your data must be available for your organization to be successful. When it is unavailable or encrypted by ransomware, it brings business processes to a halt. You must maintain data access with a strategic recovery solution to protect your organization’s reputation, provide enhanced customer experience, and help provide business continuity. Ultimately, it all boils down to can you recover confidently?

Commvault’s Assess Service will help you understand potential threats and risks impacting your ability to “Be Ready.” By understanding the current state of your recovery solution, Commvault will help identify gaps in your solution and propose a path forward so that you are ready in the event of a ransomware attack or other disaster.This offering examines and reviews the recovery capabilities of your data protection solution relative to your business requirements and helps align Commvault’s technical capabilities with your recovery objectives.

Commvault Assess Service will deliver:

  • Readiness scorecard
  • Key findings
  • Prioritized action plan
  • Readiness Roadmap: recommended future activities to maintain the readiness state once the recommendations have been implemented

Commvault Review Service

External threats are continually evolving. Protecting against them requires diligence and constant attention to detail. Commvault Review Service validates your recovery solution and can verify that previous recommendations have been implemented and that no adverse changes have occurred. This review process includes an objective scoring of your Readiness so that you can quantify your risk exposure and take corrective action as needed.

Commvault will conduct a workshop and review the environment, comparing it against the initial scorecard and plan. The output will be:

  • Updated readiness scorecard
  • Key findings
  • Prioritized recommendations

Commvault Response Service

External threats are continually evolving. Protecting against them requires diligence Commvault understands that a ransomware attack or other disaster means all eyes will focus on the IT organization – the ability to resume normal business operations as quickly as possible is a defining moment for most leaders. When you experience an event that impacts your organization’s ability to operate normally, you need immediate assistance.

As a customer of Commvault Response Service, you will have immediate access to a knowledgeable and experienced Response team to help you identify the problems and initiate the process of restoring normal operations.

Commvault Response Service is an on-demand service that provides operational expertise and resources necessary to help you recover critical data following a ransomware attack or disaster.

Service description and benefits

Assess ServiceIdentify the gaps and risks limiting your
ability to “Be Ready.” Develop a roadmap
and plan to address those risks.

• Validates the Commvault solution is ready to sustain both
ongoing protection and recovery activities
• Identifies features to maximize application security
• Identifies tools and processes to expedite recovery
• Identifies solution ability to support RTO/RPO of
critical systems and applications
Review ServiceValidate that Commvault solution
continues to meet your business
requirements despite an evolving
threat landscape.
• Assure key stakeholders that Commvault Solution
remains operationally ready to support recovery
activities if/when needed
Response ServiceRansomware Response team guides,
supports, and manages the recovery
of critical systems.
• Experienced Commvault resources to help navigate the
recovery process
• Real-world recovery experiences and Commvault best
practices accelerates recovery process
• Additional resources are available for operations,
allowing customers to focus on critical business functions

Applicable terms and conditions will be created for each customer. While every effort is made to protect against disasters, including ransomware attacks, and enable recoverability, these services cannot guarantee protection or recoverability.

With Commvault Ransomware Services, you are empowered to recover intelligently through holistic risk-mitigation and prevention strategies to assist you in becoming more than ready for any eventuality. You can be Recovery Ready with the proper design, review, and support of your environment.

Readiness Solutions

When disaster strikes your data, you need a plan. Accelerate your return to normal business operations through the proper planning, implementation and administration.


  1. 2019 Official Annual Cybercrime Report, sponsored by Herjavec Group, Steve Morgan, Editor-in-Chief.
  2. Proofpoint, Voice of the CISO 2021 Report, May 12, 2021
  3. While every effort is made to detect and protect against ransomware while enabling full recoverability, these services cannot guarantee absolute protection or recoverability