Compliance and eDiscovery with Commvault Activate™

Streamline responses to legal and compliance

Changing regulations are impacting the way in which data is handled and the privacy of that data ensured. The task of maintaining compliance with these regulations and your own organization’s policies can be challenging. Increasing demands for specific information related to subject data requests and legal situations means you need to quickly find the right data, fast.

With your data residing in more places than ever before, how do you answer these compliance questions?

  • Can you quickly search for compliance data across all locations?
  • Can you proactively preserve key data sets for review?
  • What is your organization doing to respond to changing regulatory demands like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)?
  • How long would it take for you to respond to a legal or compliance-related data subject request?
By 2023, due to speed and legal cost,
70% of complex eDiscovery cases will be managed by in house IT. (1)

Your data. Know it. Act on it.

Commvault Activate gives you the information you need to help answer those questions. Powered by advanced analytics and machine learning, the information about files, email, databases and their contents is centralized in an intelligent index. This provides a consistent view of your data across your organization. This index also enables you to quickly search across the data under management to find what you need, and respond to compliance or legal requests.

Perform the search yourself or delegate the compliance search functionality to legal teams or data privacy officers so that they can conduct it themselves. Place relevant data results into collections for further review and analysis, or even lock the data in legal hold to ensure it is preserved.

If you need to hand results to other stakeholders or third parties, you can protect sensitive data through redaction of those contents upon export. All these activities are logged for chain of custody and audit purposes.

After installing the content indexing and search feature, I no longer dread the email requests from the legal department.(2)

— IT professional, Medium Enterprise Government Organization
Commvault Activate key features for compliance search and eDiscovery
Consolidated global search across data under management Create a full text index from Commvault backup and archive data sets regardless of if they reside on-premises or in the cloud. Conduct search for compliance-related data across the data leveraging document chaining to expand relevant results.
Proactive preservationUse Case Manager to flag search results within specific review sets or even place the data under legal hold for further review.
Protect private or sensitive dataRedact sensitive data prior to exporting it to external stakeholders as part of compliance or legal responses.
Review content, curate and tag files and emails for follow-on actions Request Manager provides automated workflows for compliance tasks such as archive, data erase, move, or audit review and approval directly from the dashboards.
Chain of custody and reportingMaintain an auditable chain of custody to demonstrate compliance.
Role-based accessRobust and granular role-based access enables secure
collaboration among IT and other stakeholders. Delegate search functionality to the appropriate parties.
According to IDC, Commvault users saw a
62% decrease in annual compliance, eDiscovery and insurance spend. (3)
According to IDC,
48% of Commvault users saw a faster responses to discovery requests. (3)

Complete your intelligent data management strategy

Enhance your data management by integrating Commvault Activate with a proven leader and innovator in the backup and recovery market – Commvault Complete™.

Commvault Complete is a single, powerful solution for data protection – whatever your data is, wherever your data lives. Through automation, an intelligent policy engine and deep integrations into one of the broadest lists of applications, hypervisors, clouds and platforms, you can be confident your data is protected and can be recovered when and where you need it.

Commvault Activate can operate independent of Commvault Complete or as part of a combined solution to maximize data management capabilities for your business. Through Activate, you can gain insights to data that isn’t necessarily managed by Commvault to drive analytics and other tasks against those data sources.


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Commvault Activate

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