Top 5 reasons to use Commvault with SAP

The challenge: You’re under constant pressure to innovate faster, be more agile, and improve SAP application performance. Meanwhile, your data is growing significantly faster than your IT resources forcing you to ‘do more with less.’ Backup windows are shrinking, making it challenging to complete backups of your SAP Systems on time, and end users’ ‘always on’ expectations have put pressure on you to provide recovery faster than ever.

Take back control: This is driving you to accelerate SAP landscape refreshes as part of the dev and test process, leverage snapshots to meet stringent recovery SLAs, increase automation to improve productivity, seamlessly migrate SAP workloads across storage tiers to optimize costs and improve application performance, and adopt cloud-like models to improve scalability as your business grows. With Commvault software and SAP, you can achieve the following benefits:

Faster innovation

Commvault enables you to automatically refresh dev and test systems from production data – regardless of where the data lives (on-premises, cloud) – which accelerates SAP landscape refreshes. This drives faster application development and increased innovation. Additionally, you can quickly create and automate the disposal of database copies using snap clones. This policy-based management prevents costly data sprawl, frees up valuable DBA resources, and optimizes storage.

Deployment flexibility

Commvault supports BOTH streaming and snapshots for all important SAP databases using a single tool and console. Streaming maximizes availability and scalability, whereas snapshots enable recovery in minutes vs. hours, making them ideal for large, mission-critical databases. This maximizes deployment flexibility based on what you’re trying to achieve.

Increased efficiency

Increased automation means no more creating, debugging, and maintaining complex, time-consuming scripts that can easily break if there is even a minor change. Whether you’re recovering from a hardware failure, data corruption, or bringing back a dropped table, it can all be done with a few mouse clicks. You can automate the entire SAP restore and recovery process. This saves valuable time, reduces the chance of errors, and enables greater scale.

Comprehensive protection

For SAP, it‘s not just about protecting physical databases on application servers. You also need to protect virtualized systems and have the ability to archive outdated SAP data to less expensive secondary storage, which improves application performance. Commvault provides all of this using a single interface. Or, you can use command line and/or native SAP tools that you’re familiar with if you prefer. It’s up to you.

Supports modern scale-out data management

Commvault HyperScale™ Software delivers the powerful simplicity of the Commvault Data Platform with a highly available, scale-out integrated solution. It provides a single platform for sharing compute and storage resources using industry standard hardware that delivers the agility, scalability, and resiliency benefits of the cloud. A unified management interface reduces complexity, and it can easily scale to petabytes of SAP backup and archive data, supporting even the largest SAP environments.