Metallic® Backup for Salesforce

Hassle-free, automated backups of Salesforce data — for greater peace-of-mind

Safeguard production and sandbox environments with ease and precision.

Salesforce Backup Overview

Watch this video to see how easy it is to secure, defend, and recover Salesforce data across the hybrid landscape – all on one unified platform.

Protect for your Salesforce investment – with the simplicity of SaaS

Comprehensive Coverage

Robust protection for valuable Salesforce data, including content, files, custom objects, profiles, metadata, hierarchal relationships, seed data, and more.

Accelerated productivity

Intuitively backup data, restore records, populate sandbox environments, and protect multiple production orgs – all from a single interface.

Hassle-free protection

Safeguard your data from deletion, corruption, attack without the manual processes, cumbersome exports, or lengthy refresh windows.

Got a need? Consider it covered

  • Automated daily backups, without user intervention
  • Long-term retention without recycle bin limitations
  • Lightweight SaaS delivery with unlimited storage included
  • Seed, repopulate, and retain sandbox environments for testing
  • Immutable backups, isolated from source data
  • Highly performant, to rapidly recover data
  • Granular, version, and in-place restore options
  • Multi-layered security, privacy protocols, and zero-trust access controls built-in
  • Streamlined management for ultimate user scalability

Supported platforms and applications

Supported Applications

  • Sales Cloud
  • Financial Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Health Cloud

Supported Editions

  • Lighting Developer
  • Lighting Enterprise
  • Lighting Performance
  • Lighting Unlimited

Supported Environments

  • Production
  • Sandbox

Storage Options

  • Microsoft Azure Blob
  • Hot, Cool, Archive storage
  • Bring your own AWS storage options
  • Unlimited cloud storage with unlimited retention included

Additional Services Included

Add Microsoft Active Directory and Azure Active Directory Backup free with the purchase of any Metallic subscription.