Data Classification and Archive Policy Design

Helping you reduce your storage costs and compliance risk with clearly defined strategies for data classification, archiving and retention.

Big Data is a big challenge for organizations that don’t have a clear, efficient approach for classifying and archiving data. Our business consultants help you design an optimal data classification and archive environment by transforming your existing archive strategy and developing policies and implementation plans that meet your business and legal requirements for compliance, electronic records retrieval and eDiscovery.

What’s included

Our Data Classification and Archive Policy Design service includes:

  • Ingestion and retention policy planning: We help you design centralized data management policies that determine which information should be archived and how long it should be retained.
  • Cost-reduction analysis: Our consultants work with you to identify candidate data for removal from source locations to reduce storage costs.
  • eDiscovery considerations: We assist you in managing the legal preservation of candidate sampling data for eDiscovery purposes.
  • Site planning: Our team will assess the readiness of your existing infrastructure for current archive requirements — creating a site migration plan if necessary to allow for data growth and flexibility.
  • Migration planning: We create a migration plan for candidate data that considers network bandwidth, data type, access time, last-modified time, retention policies and more.
  • Risk evaluation: We ensure our proposed solution aligns data types with an appropriate level of resiliency as defined by your specific business requirements.
  • Disaster recovery integration: As part of our assessment, we also evaluate how your compliance and archive strategy will affect your disaster recovery operations.

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