Effective data management demands broad, deep IT expertise. With new technologies and evolving hardware come new ways of managing data. Keeping up with these often-disruptive technologies can overburden the already pressured IT teams of many organizations — making it difficult to achieve service-level agreements (SLAs).

Commvault Remote Managed Services provides remote monitoring and management of the industry-leading Commvault data management platform. Our engineers expertly configure, maintain and optimize your Commvault software environment — helping you reduce overhead, cut risk and complexity, and achieve your SLAs with confidence.

Everything you need to meet your SLAs

When you sign up for Commvault Remote Managed Services, you get:

24/7 remote monitoring and management of your entire Commvault software environment

Proactive management for outcomes like recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO)

Troubleshooting and remediation of any issues related to backup, restore, replication and archiving

Installation of upgrades and updates to your Commvault software

Access to an online portal for on-demand reporting and analytics

Advice and recommendations on infrastructure and operations updates to ensure SLA achievement, including quarterly business reviews

You retain full ownership of your data management infrastructure; we own its delivery and operation, freeing your team to focus on your core business priorities.

Your Commvault Remote Managed Services Account Manager provides a single point of contact — and accountability — for any questions or issues you might have.


Remote connection,
fully secure

With Commvault Remote Managed Services, all monitoring and management is performed remotely, meaning we never need onsite access to your infrastructure and you don’t need to accommodate an extra body at your location. Our remote connection is completely secure — your data stays in your environment, under your control, at all times.

Access to your infrastructure is also tightly controlled, with dedicated virtual machines and secure logins to restrict entry and maintain a trail of accountability for every action performed.

Simplified metrics for on-demand insights

The Commvault Remote Managed Services web portal gives you on-demand access to reporting and analytics capabilities so you can see exactly how we’re doing. Easy-to-understand charts and graphics give you an at-a-glance dashboard view of data management activities and key performance indicators, including:

Percentage of SLAs met

Current backup and archive usage versus licensed capacity

Number of backup jobs completed and failed on a weekly and monthly basis

How to subscribe to Commvault Remote Managed Services

Commvault Remote Managed Services is offered globally on an annual basis. Contact us today to learn more about how Commvault can help you meet demanding SLAs with a cost-effective managed services solution.

Services Brief Commvault remote managed services provide secure, reliable remote monitoring and management of your entire Commvault software environment.