Health Assessment

Maximize the value of your current Commvault environment.

To keep your Commvault backup and recovery software running as smoothly as possible, it’s important to regularly review and validate your IT architectures and procedures. Our health assessments deliver the insights that help you develop comprehensive system remediation and optimization plans to balance your business and technology needs. Our technology consultants provide an objective, external perspective on how evolving data management requirements and leading technologies like the cloud may benefit your current Commvault environment.

What’s included

Your Commvault health assessment includes:

  • Key observations: These insights into the current state of your backup, archive, disaster recovery and reporting environments identify opportunities for improvement and form the basis of your remediation efforts.
  • Resolution initiatives: We prioritize proposed projects by your criteria to help you better plan for staffing, reconfiguration, architecture and system adjustments.
  • Prioritized remediation plan and roadmap:Our team prepares a comprehensive remediation plan with schedules, key milestones, and projects prioritized by benefit, risk and estimated duration, making it easier to synchronize each project with your other activities.

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Health Assessment

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