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Commvault HyperScale Software


You want to reap the business benefits of virtualization and cloud — not worry about data risk and complexity because your legacy architecture can’t keep up. Commvault HyperScale Software can help by providing fully modern data protection and management for evolving IT environments.

Relying on a traditional scale-up backup and recovery architecture to protect and manage virtualized data can bring a number of challenges:

  • Complicated management and operations due to unaligned point products and no integration between applications, data and infrastructure.
  • Rising costs that make it challenging to budget for application, data and infrastructure costs.
  • Unreliable access to data that causes unnecessary duplication, complexity and additional time spent recovering data when it is needed most.
  • Inflexible scaling that makes migrating to the cloud difficult and bottlenecks service speeds.
  • Confusion about where data is, who's using it and whether or not it's protected.

Adding more hardware and staff isn't a sustainable solution. It overlooks the root of the issue: outdated infrastructure. What's needed is a modern approach to meeting your data protection and management needs.

A fresh approach to solving data protection and management challenges

To protect their data with cloud-like simplicity, resiliency, flexibility and scalability, more than a third of organizations today have combined hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) with secondary storage.1 Commvault HyperScale Software is designed specifically to deliver scale-out data protection and management services.

With Commvault HyperScale Software today, you can build a fully modern data protection solution with cloud-like data protection and management services in an easy-to-use unified platform. Working with leading technology companies, we provide reference architectures with technical guidelines, best practices and instructions. You may choose the hardware infrastructure of your choice for implementing and optimizing a scale-out data protection environment.

Bringing a scale-out infrastructure to the Commvault Data Platform, HyperScale Software integrates with storage arrays, hypervisors, applications and the full range of cloud provider solutions to support the most diverse and dynamic environments.