Enterprise Search and eDiscovery

Commvault gives you the confidence to know you can always find the information you need to satisfy internal search requirements or respond to external eDiscovery requests.

You never want your legal team walking into a proceeding where the other side has documents you didn’t even know existed. Yet cases just like that occur every year, at enormous cost. Commvault minimizes your risk and exposure by providing a single, integrated platform for enterprise search and eDiscovery across the full range of devices, apps and file types. With Commvault, you can rest assured no stone is ever left unturned.

Hold just the information that matters

Few enterprises have the fine-grained indexing and classification to hold just the data that’s relevant when required to place a legal hold on company information. That means they end up holding everything, at potentially high storage costs and with massive inefficiency. Commvault’s highly intelligent and easy-to-use software lets you hold exactly the information required across any system, device or data type — and store it in a single, accessible repository.

Claim the early advantage

Most legal challenges require the involvement of external legal resources. But hiring outside counsel can be very expensive if, as part of their work, they need to sift through an entire data set to find the relevant information. Commvault lets you carry out early case assessments — narrowing down and refining your data sets so you hand over only the information your external legal team needs with full assurance of accuracy, validity and completeness.

Claim The Early Advantage

Evolution is easier with Commvault


If you’re already using Commvault for backup, archive and recovery, adding eDiscovery capabilities to your platform is seamless and simple. Even if you haven’t been indexing your data from day one, our software can go back at any point in time and automatically index all your enterprise data to make you search-ready and eDiscovery-prepared.

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