Healthcare Data Management

Data-Driven Healthcare Is Here—Are You Ready?

Healthcare is transforming. With mountains of information at their fingertips, providers have new and exciting opportunities to innovate the next wave of patient care, operational advances and differentiation. Welcome to data-driven healthcare.

A solid data management strategy lays the foundation for success in this new era. But building this strategy—and continually refreshing and reworking it—requires you to overcome a number of complex, constantly evolving challenges, risks and roadblocks.

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Growing Data Volumes, Growing Concerns

With patient data so plentiful, the threat of malicious activity has never been greater. Struggle to safeguard this data, and you'll be facing significant financial penalties and lasting brand damage.

And as volumes continue to grow, keeping everything under control can feel impossible. This can leave you ill-equipped to recover critical information in a timely manner. Likewise, you'll find it hard to support newer strategies—like advanced analytics and a transition to the cloud—needed to revolutionize patient care.


of healthcare provider organizations are both using cutting-edge technology and following training best practices as part of their cybersecurity program.1

Complete Healthcare Data Management

With Commvault, you'll have a data management platform designed to help your organization succeed in this era of data-driven care. With capabilities such as snapshot backup management, separate production and backup data, and seamless management of clinical data, you'll have the measures you need to defend against increasingly sophisticated cyber security threats. You'll facilitate your organization's transition to the cloud by making data transfers to, and among, cloud providers effortless. And with a single, integrated platform, you'll break down silos and make disparate sets of clinical data easily accessible and actionable, so you can support the advanced analytics needed to deliver more effective, personalized patient care.


Seamlessly backup and manage clinical data


Transfer business and clinical data to and among cloud providers


Make clinical data accessible and actionable

With Commvault, you'll be able to protect, manage and access all of your data with the help of:

EHR Data Protection

You'll be able to migrate data from all leading EHR vendors.

Learn more about EHR Data Protection >

Healthcare Data Migration Services

You’ll simplify the management, protection and access of the critical data residing in legacy business and clinical applications.

Learn more about Healthcare Data Migration Services >

Clinical Archiving

Consolidate medical imaging data to create a single enterprise imaging archive, decommission legacy PACS systems, break down data silos and cut storage and maintenance costs.

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Data Management

You'll optimize your operations with capabilities spanning backup, archiving, recovery and search across databases, applications and endpoints—both on-premises and in the cloud.

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1 Future Proofing Healthcare: The State of Healthcare Provider Cybersecurity 2017 - Is Your Organization Keeping Pace with the Threat? Commvault 2017