Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data Management

Make AWS everything you hoped the cloud would be.

Commvault helps you get maximum value out of your Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Bring affordable disaster recovery to workloads you never could before. Take advantage of efficient backup to the cloud, scalable in-cloud backup, workload portability, dev/test automation, workload migration and more. Our versatile single-platform solution lets you build, run and protect applications and infrastructure, leveraging all the agility, affordability, reach, security and compliance AWS has to offer.

Streamline your infrastructure and control your costs

Reduce cost and risk while pursuing your cloud goals to:

  • Backup or archive your data to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon S3 – Infrequent Access (S3-IA) or Amazon Glacier
  • Take full advantage of AWS Snowball to migrate large volumes of data into and out of your AWS cloud
  • Simplify workload recovery with agentless backups on AWS Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2)
  • Manage entire workloads and test/dev processes in AWS EC2, while spanning other cloud and virtualization platforms such as VMware, Azure and Hyper-V

Maximize uptime for every workload with disaster recovery in the cloud

With Commvault, you can easily extend your existing disaster recovery solution to take advantage of the flexible, pay-as-you-go AWS cloud infrastructure. Use your cloud as a backup and replication target, port workloads across virtualization platforms (including AWS as well as VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and Microsoft Azure), and recover workloads directly into the cloud. Instead of wasting resources on physical servers and data centers, you can wait until the moment you actually need resources for testing, full production and recovery so you never pay for infrastructure you don’t need. You can even take workloads backed up to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and restore them directly to AWS Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) — no extra tools required. Commvault makes disaster recovery simple and seamless by automating your workflows, including your disaster recovery runbooks.

Less risk, more reward

Commvault leverages your backup copies to move your data and apps to AWS, taking the risk out of migration and ensuring your data is protected and recoverable wherever it resides. Our platform writes natively to the cloud, eliminating the need for any additional technology. It also gives you the ability to move data between any physical sites through replication and deduplication — whether those sites are on premises or hosted.

Learn more about how Commvault and AWS can meet your needs for:

  •  Backup and recovery to the cloud
  •  Disaster recovery in the cloud
  •  Workload migration to the cloud
  •  Cloud archiving

"Commvault’s industry-leading deduplication feature helps our customers’ data to be backed up from on-premises locations to U-Cloud and AWS cloud targets with less bandwidth requirements and lower costs."

Shunsuke Shiozuka, Business Manager, UNIADEX

“Leveraging the AWS integration with Commvault allowed us to replace our traditional tape and third-party storage processes for our DR backup requirements. Our new method of backing up directly to AWS is much quicker and vastly more scalable. Copies of all of our backups are streamed to AWS as soon as the last full completes. This gives our organisation more robust recovery options from our offsite copies.”

Justin Mason, Systems Manager, Information and Technology Management, University of Canberra

Get cloud backup and recovery Find the Commvault cloud backup and recovery solution that fits the needs of your organization.

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