Cloud responsibly with Commvault

Cloud responsibly with Commvault.

Commvault provides the only data management platform you need to move, manage and use data across on-premises and cloud locations – the new hybrid IT.

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5 Tips for Your Best Cloud Data Protection Strategy

Data Protection in the Cloud

Data availability in the cloud is critical to the success of your organization. A multi-cloud data protection strategy equips you to make better decisions now – and in the future.

Multi-cloud data management

Move, manage and use data across your diverse cloud and on-premises environments – all from one platform. Streamline work with the control and flexibility to meet changing business requirements.

Multi-cloud data migration

Migrate data to, from and between clouds with ease. Native integration with clouds and data encryption means fast, secure migration for your applications, databases, virtual machines and large data sets.

Multi-cloud disaster recovery

Automate disaster recovery and testing across multiple clouds with less cost, effort and risk. Be confident with rapid recovery and the flexibility to restore your environment – from full databases or a single file.

Office 365 data protection

Protect critical Office 365 data. Backup and restore to cloud or on-premises storage to meet your data compliance requirements. Use enhanced search capabilities to include Office 365 assets in your comprehensive data environment.

Data security through backup and recovery
across one cloud - or two, or six, or more

Comprehensive view of data storage locations: on-premises data centers, private and public clouds.

Consistent service level agreements for hybrid IT environments.

IT agility from consistent, strategic data management practices.

Policy control management for cloud and on-premises workloads.

Case Study: Dow Jones, Commvault and AWS
Secure data migration, backup, management and recovery

Align with a cloud partner

Commvault software supports more than 40 cloud storage options across public and private clouds.

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