IT Efficiency

Simplicity for Some,
Complexity for Others

Virtualization was supposed to make things easy on IT. And in some respects, it has. It’s unburdened IT from a number of routine, time-consuming tasks. And because of this, virtualization has given teams more time to focus on efforts that deliver real value to their business.

But when you’re tasked with managing a growing number of VMs and the data they contain, 'simplicity' can feel like a foreign concept. The process can be complicated, requiring you to complete many lengthy, often manually intensive tasks to protect and manage so many VMs. But as your virtual environment grows, encompasses more hypervisor platforms and adds new VMs with increasingly business-critical value, this complexity can become a significant issue.

Administrative complexity, lapsed protection

When monitoring, managing and applying policies to your VMs requires you to have a deep understanding of how your environment operates, it’s no wonder the administrative burden can feel so overwhelming. Because of this, it’s tough to know which data should follow which SLA. You’ll struggle to identify when things are broken and when they’re working properly. And this makes it extremely difficult to roll out fixes at the time and place they’re needed most.

Add it up, and it means you’ll be increasing the potential for lapses—in visibility, policies, recoverability and more. And that puts your VMs - and the data they contain - at risk.


of IT decision makers believe improved management efficiencies are a key advantage of using a single platform.1

Bringing simplicity to the forefront

With Commvault, you’ll be able to simplify deployments with the help of a straightforward interface that also makes daily operations easier. Using an intuitive browser-based console simplifies much of the complexity you’re forced to deal with today. You’ll streamline management, monitoring and reporting efforts—as well as your protection and recovery processes. You’ll be able to create and reuse protection plans that align with your business requirements and SLAs, so it’s easier to apply policies to new VMs and spot which ones are operating outside their defined SLAs. And you’ll be able to let either admins or end-users quickly choose among multiple recovery options—guest files, VM files, disks and full VMs—helping you shorten recovery times, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

An intuitive administrative console that reduces time-to-market and operational overhead.

SLA-driven protection plans that align with business needs.

Powerful recovery options that can be invoked directly from your management console.


of employees have access to just half of their company data or less for making key decisions.
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