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Data Management Platform

Evolve your approach. Activate your data and extract more value.

As the world becomes increasingly data-driven and reliant on digital technology, all businesses have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to revolutionize themselves — to get more value from their data by activating it. Data insights that enable business foresight are increasingly critical. Simultaneously, the risks and costs of storing increasing volumes and varieties of data have to be controlled through the deployment of smarter and more open IT.

By consolidating and simplifying data management, Commvault® presents an unrivaled solution.

The Commvault Data Platform

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Data is gathered from multiple sources and content is queried, providing insights about how the data should be classified, captured and managed.


Extends the next level of detail to provide context and content of data for search and discovery.


Ensures that billions of objects, files, blobs, containers, etc., can be easily located and retrieved, regardless of age, location, infrastructure choice or application origin. Provides an enhanced level of agility.


The virtual repository provides storage control and data movement that crosses multiple locations, tiers and infrastructures, and aligns policy management to all data types. It employs efficient data storage techniques like compression and deduplication while ensuring data security and data encryption measures across the broad spectrum of locations, tiers and infrastructures.


Unlock richer data value


Go beyond metadata


A policy-driven approach to data management


Instant data access to apps in native form



A unified single view of all data, with role-relevant access, provides a rich understanding of operations with deep views into data, usage and environmental characteristics.

A single index for all data lets you know where and what your data is, who owns it, who has access to it, and many more contextual details. Now, with the 11th generation of our software, our customers embark toward the next phase of evolution in data management.

The Data Platform initiates data management
evolution with four key innovations:


Always on.
Always available.

The Data Platform is highly available and stores all relevant, versioned copies of data. Live copy allows the Data Platform to serve these copies of data back to the business in natively readable format, eliminating the traditional recovery window and making rapid RTO much more achievable. Incremental Block Capture increases the frequency of recovery points while reducing bandwidth and storage requirements for ongoing recovery operations, and speeds up RPO and RTO.

One platform.
All data.

The virtual repository provides access to both “live” production and historical copies of data (such as backups, archives and email journals). Users do not need to run backup to take advantage of the data management platform, which can be used to index, view, share and synchronize live and historical copies of data, including cloud-resident SaaS applications.

Open. Nimble.

With its standards-based approach, our foundational platform allows choice without compromise for current and future infrastructure strategies that run your production workloads. All while reducing complexity and improving agility. Adopting new technology innovations or new infrastructure strategies has never been easier.

Deep insight.

Our extensible analytics and query engine provide the capability to look inside the data and index its content. Unlike other approaches, this can be performed “in place,” without having to move the data into a repository. It has the ability to search across multiple data resources simultaneously, across structured, unstructured and cloud data.

The value of our approach is unprecedented.

De-risk disruption – Single, unified data management approach takes the risk out of adopting new technology and helps users deal with uncertainties.

An open, standards-based approach – Supports your infrastructure today and runs natively on-premises, in hyper and converged environments, and across hybrid, private and public clouds, for protection, retention, access and compliance.

Shift and reduce traditional IT spend through smarter IT – Speeds time to value, consolidates point solutions, and shifts resources from low to high value through faster business process execution and increased automation.

A powerful foundation.

The end of lock-in – Eliminates traditional data software format lock-in and hardware and infrastructure lock-in both on-premises and on the journey to the cloud.

Hardware array, hyper and converged infrastructure ready – Leading the industry in snaps and replication management across hardware infrastructures provides flexibility and choice.

Redefines archive – Transforms inaccessible digital landfills into directly accessible, active datasets through familiar user experiences (i.e., File Explorer, Outlook, mobile).

Governance throughout the data lifecycle – Apply active governance from data creation, based on content and context, rather than applying methods after the data is created.

Built-in end-to-end data security – Security is fully integrated through advanced authentication and encryption protocols for all data on and off premise, with management, audit and compliance monitoring and reporting throughout.

Total search – Search across all data (live and versioned) in all locations, across structured and unstructured data.