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Commvault provides an enterprise-class data management platform that enables your organization to store, protect, optimize, and use data across on-premises and AWS environments — all from a single, easy to use interface.

Bill Vass, VP of Engineering AWS, explains how Commvault and AWS are joined to deliver data protection, backup & recovery, management & eDiscovery to public and private enterprises of all sizes.

Manage your cloud data intelligently

AWS Backup

Tight integration with AWS services

Powerful automation to simplify management and reduce cloud costs

Powerful automation to simplify management and reduce cloud costs

Tight integration with AWS services
Security down to the core

Security down to the core

Native integration with AWS services and powerful automation help you move your data and workloads into the cloud quickly and easily — and save money by lowering compute, storage, and egress costs. End-to-end encryption and comprehensive ransomware protection make sure that data is protected at all times. Commvault is the easy way to make sure your data is cloud ready.

Ben Roper, Enterprise Backup and Recovery Specialist, explains how he uses Commvault to manage the whole on-premises and cloud backup and recovery environment.

Commvault helps Parsons simplify their move to AWS

Listen to Benjamin Roper from Parsons Corporation describe how Commvault makes their AWS cloud data management easy

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Commvault extends your data management to AWS Outposts

Commvault extends your data management to AWS Outposts

When you’re ready to take your workloads to AWS Outposts, Commvault is ready to take you there. Commvault is proud to have earned the “AWS Outposts ready” designation from Amazon as part of their Service Ready program. This means we’re tested and validated to support protecting your workloads in AWS Outposts and migrating data between AWS Regions and AWS Outposts.

University of Canberra

University of Canberra

University IT dramatically cuts storage costs while maintaining data availability with AWS and Commvault

Dow Jones

Dow Jones

Commvault helps Dow Jones cut monthly DR expenditures by 50% or more

With Commvault for Amazon Web Services, you’ll gain:

Modernized protection of AWS workloads

Modernized protection of AWS workloads:

Backup and recovery for your key workloads across Amazon EC2, EBS, and RDS, as well as emerging technologies like EKS containers, Redshift, and DynamoDB.

Business agility with app migration

Business agility with app migration:

Automated migration of apps, databases, and other workloads into AWS.

Enterprise-class disaster recovery

Enterprise-class disaster recovery:

Advanced disaster recovery in the cloud with automated failover/failback and testing capabilities.

Cost-saving intelligence

Cost-saving intelligence:

Auto-scale and power management features, deduplication, compression, and data tiering and lifecycle management — all save you money on your monthly cloud bills.

Consistent SLAs

Consistent SLAs:

Provide the same SLAs for backup and recovery of your AWS workloads as the rest of your on-premises data.

Comprehensive ransomware protection

Comprehensive ransomware protection:

Keep your business safe with AI-based detection, alerting, and automated remediation combined with air gapped storage utilizing Amazon S3 storage with Object Locking.

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Commvault for AWS

Commvault for Amazon Web Services

Commvault for VMware Cloud on AWS

AWS Disaster recovery

AWS Disaster recovery

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