Protect your critical data across environments with simple, scalable, resilient end-to-end backup and recovery solutions from Commvault and HPE.

Two industry leaders, one integrated approach to data protection and management

Commvault is proud to have been named the ‘2021 HPE GreenLake Momentum Partner of the Year’ at HPE Discover 2021. Enabling customers to be cloud-ready, Commvault was recognized for its collaborative innovations with GreenLake Backup-as-a-Service and the tight integration of its data protection solutions across HPE’s storage and server portfolio.

ESG recently conducted a Technical Validation of Commvault data backup and recovery services offered through HPE GreenLake. This report discusses the partnership between Commvault and HPE – and how these industry leaders enable, scale, and secure data protection. Commvault and HPE GreenLake solutions provide enterprise-grade, resilient, high-performance backup and recovery from core to edge to cloud with pay-as-you-go scalability.

What our partnership with HPE offers you

Hybrid Cloud Backup and Recovery

  •  Improve recovery SLAs (IntelliSnap® integration w/ HPE Alletra, HPE Primera, HPE Nimble Storage and HPE XP)
  • Enable seamless backup to cloud (HPE StoreOnce, HPE SimpliVity, HPE dHCI, HPE Cloud Volumes Backup and HPE Cloud Bank Storage integration)
  • Provide predictable/scalable performance (Commvault HyperScale™ X Reference Designs with HPE Apollo and HPE ProLiant)
  • Protect data in hybrid cloud environments (HPE ProLiant for MS Azure Stack protection)
  • Gain complete data portability and visibility across all public cloud options

Protect and Recover from Ransomware

  • A multilayered approach to protect against ransomware attacks
  • Automated copy management with integration into HPE storage to enable adherence to the 3-2-1-1 rule of backups
  • Auto-encryption on-prem or in the cloud with HPE Catalyst
  • Auto-encryption on-prem or in the cloud with HPE StoreOnce Catalyst
  • AI-based anomaly detection to identify suspicious activity
  • Advanced reporting and alerting capabilities
  • Fast, reliable recovery of data from Commvault IntelliSnap integration with HPE storage array snapshots
  • True air-gapped backups with support for offline protection with HPE StoreEver Tape

Data Protection as a Service

  •  Deliver “edge to cloud”​ intelligent data services
  • End-to-end data protection solution
  • Pay-as-you-go managed service with consumption-based billing model (Shifting CapEx to OpEx)
  • Turnkey solution with accelerated time to value
  • • Advanced metering by front-end terabytes used—makes costs predictable and allows for ease of budgeting
  • Get instant backup capacity on demand for little or no upfront cost with award-winning SaaS based protection
  • Simplify the backup experience with HPE GreenLake, with benefits of public cloud with the security and performance of an on-premises backup environment

HPE and Commvault

Only Commvault and HPE can deliver a modern data protection solution in any choice of consumption model from on-premise to As-A-Service. Commvault has the largest breadth and depth of coverage across the HPE server and storage portfolios of any vendor and has the largest ecosystem of supported enterprise applications, databases, operating systems, hypervisors, storage arrays, big data, SaaS and cloud storage providers.

This video provides an overview of the HPE and Commvault partnership, focusing on the key business outcomes that are enabled by the various integrated solutions across HPE’s server and storage portfolios.

HyperScale X on HPE Servers

Commvault Hyperscale X, an intuitive and easy to deploy scale-out appliance that is fully integrated with Commvault’s intelligent data management platform, is available as a reference architecture with our software validated and delivered on HPE hardware. HyperScale X provides:

  • Unmatched scalability, security and resiliency from a single, extensible platform. 
  • Flexible architecture that allows you to get up and running quickly and scale as needed. 
  • The best of breed data protection for Hybrid Cloud, Containers, and Virtual Machines, when combined with Commvault

Commvault offers pre-tested and validated configurations from HPE on the Proliant and Apollo platforms. These reference designs are all-in-one package, giving you all the Commvault workload coverage, while taking full advantage of HyperScale X features and capabilities.

Available in “T-shirt Sizing” models, these scalable offerings have been pre-sized to simplify the process of identifying, building, and implementing data management for commercial and enterprise businesses of all sizes. Simply identify the t-shirt size that meets your capacity and growth requirements – Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large, and the solution can be made available via GreenLake’s consumption-based cloud service, allowing you to scale as required. Hyperscale X on HPE hardware delivers the high-performance data protection and intelligent compute required for your successful digital transformation journey to the hybrid cloud.

HPE GreenLake Backup powered by Commvault

HPE hardware and management pre-integrated with Commvault software.

Enterprise-grade control of data compliance, privacy and retention requirements.

Metering and capacity management run for you by HPE experts.

With HPE GreenLake Backup powered by Commvault, everything you need for enterprise backup and recovery — hardware, software and services — is combined in a single solution. Delivered as a pay-as-you-go managed service based on a unique consumption-based billing model, you get instant back-up capacity on demand for little or no upfront cost.

HPE GreenLake with Commvault – Mission Critical Workloads

HPE GreenLake with Commvault Data Protection

HPE GreenLake with Commvault Data Governance

Commvault Metallic Backup-as-a-Service

Metallic, is a Commvault-built portfolio offering next-gen Software-as-a-Service data protection. Metallic solutions deliver industry-leading data protection with comprehensive coverage across on-prem, cloud, and SaaS workloads. The Metallic portfolio:

  • Protects SaaS applications, endpoints, databases, Active Directory, hybrid cloud environments, file systems, containers, MS Office 365, Salesforce, and more
  • Hardens security with Azure Government Cloud and FedRAMP High In Process – In PMO Review options
  • Enhances cyber resiliency with a Protect, Detect, and Recover approach to cyberattacks
    • Immutable, separated data copies prevent tampering, altering, or deletion of data
    • Built-in anomaly detection and early warning of threats with Metallic® ThreatWise™
    • Fast recovery minimizing downtime and disruption
  • Leverages the best of Azure PaaS and native services for secure, high-performance, and infinite scale for any size business

HPE Complete

Commvault is part of the HPE Complete program allowing our software to be purchased through either HPE representatives or HPE channel partners anywhere in the world with a single invoice.

Combining Commvault’s industry-leading enterprise software with HPE servers and storage delivers Tier 1 application resiliency, reliable backup, rapid data recovery, ransomware protection, and complete lifecycle data management as a turnkey solution. The combined solution helps customers improve operational efficiencies and drive their IT transformation initiatives.

  • Easy to buy

    Simplify the buying process by getting HPE hardware and Commvault software through a single HPE purchase order.

  • Jointly validated solutions

    Minimize risk with Commvault software that is tested and validated with HPE hardware.

  • Enhanced support

    A full range of professional services and support capabilities to design, deploy and maintain your data protection solutions.

Our partnership with HPE delivers the highest levels of reliability and interoperability. The Commvault data protection platform is tested and validated with HPE primary and secondary storage solutions, including HPE StoreOnce Systems, HPE Alletra, HPE Primera, HPE Nimble Storage and dHCI, HPE SimpliVity and software-defined scale-out solutions built on HPE Apollo and ProLiant servers. This simplifies the backup, recovery, management, and activation of your data, whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud.

Data Protection for
Hybrid Cloud, Containers,
and Virtual Machines

Modernize Data Management

Commvault and HPE unite to defeat downtime

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