Your NetApp-enabled hybrid environment helps accelerate innovation and control costs. To maximize your investment, you need a simple, powerful way to migrate and manage critical data and workloads across your on-premises, cloud and virtualized infrastructure.

Take advantage of our deep partnership with NetApp® to minimize the complexity of your hybrid cloud — and protect your data wherever it goes. Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery integrates seamlessly with the latest NetApp flash storage and hyper-converged infrastructure, making your move to the cloud as easy as possible.

NetApp® Scale-out Data Protection (SDP) – for the fast recovery of critical applications

NetApp SDP is a multi-tiered data protection solution that leverages Commvault software and NetApp flash storage for the rapid recovery of your key business applications, helping you to avoid expensive downtime or data loss. It also features a long-term retention tier, with everything based on a cost-effective scale-out model. 

Complete protection for critical data and workloads


Actively back up workloads on the latest HCI systems and flash arrays


Centrally manage and orchestrate snapshots across your environment


Easily take advantage of the cloud for offsite backup and storage

With Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery, you can easily protect the data, virtual machines and applications stored across the full range of NetApp storage systems, including:

  • HCI
  • AFF / FAS
  • SolidFire
  • E-Series
  • StorageGRID


Migrate data and workloads to all leading cloud platforms


Use the same data management policies in the cloud and on-premises


Send workloads to and from the cloud for disaster recovery and dev/test

It’s quick and easy to get backups from your NetApp hardware to the leading cloud provider of your choice. Our software runs natively in Azure, AWS, Google and Oracle Cloud so you can use the same data management, encryption and security policies both on-premises and in the cloud.

You can also convert virtual machines from one hypervisor to another, meaning workloads currently running on NetApp HCI or FAS systems can be seamlessly sent to and from the cloud for disaster recovery or dev/test purposes.

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