Commvault and NetApp deliver cyber resilience across your entire hybrid cloud. 

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Keep your hybrid cloud data secure, available, and recoverable 

Joint solutions with data security and protection that’s built in, not bolted on. 

Deep integration

Commvault Intellisnap integration with NetApp ONTAP provides simplified, accelerated protection and recovery. 

Hybrid flexibility 

Move your workloads where your organization needs them – and be assured that you’ll be able to protect them wherever they are. 

Built-in security 

Zero trust security native to the platform including access control and immutability to ensure that data is protected. 

Commvault and NetApp 

Integrated solutions at the leading edge of data protection and security. 

Leading recoverability 

Fast, predictable recovery across the broadest workload support in the industry – integrated with NetApp storage and cloud technologies. 

Accelerated recovery through ONTAP snapshot integration so your data is online faster. 

Flexible restores – easily recover data in place or to a secondary data center or cloud location. Advanced disaster recovery to meet the most stringent RPO and RTO requirements. 

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ONTAP integration 

Leverage NetApp’s snapshot technology for fast and non-disruptive data backups. Faster and more reliable backups with reduced data loss risk. 

Rapid recovery from disasters or system failures to minimize downtime. Advanced snapshot-based solutions for quick data restoration. 

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Accelerated cloud adoption 

Extend data protection to cloud environments for simplicity and scale. Native integration into managed NetApp cloud services like Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP and Azure NetApp Files.

Enable protection and mobility for workloads in the cloud. Extend security and resilience capabilities to cloud workloads. 

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Foundational security 

Safeguard sensitive data and control access to prevent ransomware attacks and reduce risk. Architected with zero-trust security principles.

Identify and secure sensitive data to ensure compliance and prevent exfiltration. Immutability and object locking to ensure data is secure and recoverable. 

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Getting started with NetApp

The alliance between Commvault and NetApp allows you to protect your data in the cloud of your choice, including major cloud providers such as Azure, AWS, Google, and Oracle. 


Contact Netapp

Commvault and NetApp have joined together to offer an integrated solution that provides industry leading backup and recovery across the entire NetApp storage portfolio. 


SAP HANA Backup and Recovery  

Commvault IntelliSnap uses NetApp Snapshot technology to create database backups in minutes. 

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Auto Recovery  

Protect your applications in near real-time with one click: secure, automated cyber recovery at scale.

Backup & Recovery

Get safe, compliant backup and recovery of all enterprise workloads – on-premises and the cloud.

Risk Analysis

Use ML-powered data identification  to identify, categorize, and classify sensitive data to limit exposure.

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