Through our longstanding partnership with SAP, we’re your go-to source for SAP-certified solutions including backup and recovery for SAP on HANA, Oracle and MaxDB, as well as SAP ArchiveLink for archiving.

Our partnership with SAP offers you:

One SAP solution for all your data

Protect your SAP data whether it’s in Oracle, SAP HANA or MaxDB, IBM DB2, Sybase ASE or Microsoft SQL Server databases. A true unified approach to data access, administration and policy management.

Full data lifecycle coverage

Manage your SAP application data throughout its lifecycle: from dev/test and production to archiving and retirement.

Improved performance and efficiency

Global deduplication eliminates redundant data at the source, for more efficient movement between on-premises and cloud deployments.

Deep SAP integration

Robust integration with SAP BR*Tools, SAP HANA Studio and Cockpit means you can use your own tools for greater self-service and efficiency.

No more database bloat 

Minimize the storage costs associated with your SAP database and maximize performance with comprehensive support for SAP archiving.

Accelerated dev/test cycles 

Streamline and automate system refreshes with advanced SAP Landscape Management integration, reducing processing time from days to hours.

The Commvault and NetApp backup solution for SAP HANA provides fast, efficient backups in on-prem, hybrid, and in-cloud SAP environments.

Flexible SAP HANA and S/4HANA protection

Commvault offers SAP-certified protection for your SAP HANA environment via SAP’s Backint for HANA interface. This allows for automated and scalable, network-based protection of your SAP S/4HANA systems. The solution is also integrated with SAP HANA Studio and Cockpit, so your SAP admins have visibility and can manage as well as monitor backups and restores from their end.

From talking with our customers, we understand that streaming backup and restore operations are not sufficient enough to meet all of your RTO and RPO challenges, especially for large SAP HANA systems. To solve this issue, we offer the addition of powerful and automated hardware snapshots, so that you can meet the most stringent SLAs.

Are you exceeding your backup window because of rapid data growth? Struggling with tightened RTO after go-live of your S/4HANA production system? Perhaps you’re running SAP HANA Scale-up and Scale-out setups? No problem – enable snapshots. You can easily create multiple recovery points per day, shorten your backup window, and reduce your recovery time from hours to minutes.

Backup & Recovery for SAP HANA®


Switch from streaming to snapshots with a couple of clicks. Instantly create S/4HANA database clones from snapshots for testing, training, or other purposes. Eliminate data sprawl by defining policies for automatically expiring database clones that are no
longer needed.


Reduce database recovery for HANA scale-up and scale-out systems from hours to minutes using our advanced snapshots. Recover single tables from database clones while your S/4HANA production system stays online.


Using our Commvault Command Center™ or HANA Studio, accelerate your SAP dev/test cycles through automated SAP HANA snapshot or streaming database copies.

SAP HANA in public clouds

Commvault offers a more efficient, cost-effective way to migrate your SAP workloads to Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and other public clouds — and keep them protected once they’re there.


Quickly migrate on-premises SAP workloads to the cloud with native cloud support.


Automate and orchestrate the movement of virtual and physical SAP workloads.


Deduplicate, compress and encrypt SAP applications and data in transit and at rest.

We can migrate your SAP workloads and applications securely, quickly and efficiently — whether you’re starting with a hybrid environment or moving everything at once. Commvault keeps your SAP environment fully protected once it’s in the cloud and can meet your disaster recovery requirements. We also offer support for SAP HANA multi-streaming as well as advanced snapshot technologies in AWS and Microsoft Azure for better SAP HANA availability and database cloning. And if you need to translate your on-premises Disaster recovery (DR) requirements into the cloud, Commvault can get it done.

SAP customers looking to manage and migrate their SAP environments to Azure need a solution that can meet or exceed requirements for SAP data management and protection while reducing costs and improving efficiency, also remaining compliant with stringent SLAs. Commvault and Microsoft leverage 20+ years of partnership, teaming up to design, test and document the industry-leading solution.

SAP HANA in Azure: Data Protection and Snapshot Management
with Commvault

SAP LaMa integration

Are you struggling with completing your SAP system refreshes for all of your SAP landscapes in time? Are your SAP admins tied up with these routine tasks and cannot spend enough time on innovation and transformation? Are your SAP admins complaining about not having sufficient access to backup and restore through their tools? We have the right solution for you!

Through our advanced integration with SAP’s Landscape Management (LaMa) tool ,we can increase your Commvault synergies and help you to reduce your system refreshes to a few clicks. SAP LaMa will automatically reach out to Commvault and request the latest database copy, and then seamlessly proceed with the system refresh. We also put backup and restore functionality in the hands of SAP admins, enabling them to perform ad-hoc backups and restores at any desired time.


Reduce your SAP system refreshes from days to hours using our advanced integration with SAP’s Landscape Management (LaMa) tool. Helping your SAP admins to save valuable time, better spent driving innovation and digital transformation.


Safeguard your SAP LaMa administration processes with automated backup steps, ensuring that you always have a save point to return in case of unexpected disaster scenarios.


No need to engage your backup team anymore for ad-hoc backup and restore requests. Run these operations directly from within the SAP LaMa GUI using our integrated Commvault Command Center™.

SAP LaMa integrated data protection with Commvault
SAP LaMa refreshes made simple with Commvault

SAP database management

Improve the availability and performance of your SAP databases with innovative data and snapshot management capabilities. Plus, our copy data management solution can help you overcome the cost and resource challenges related to SAP DevOps.


Eliminate data sprawl by defining policies for automatically expiring copies that are no longer needed.


Restore just what you need with granular recovery – from individual tables to entire apps and clone copies.


Accelerate your SAP dev/test cycles from days to hours with advanced, one-click automation.

SAP Certified integration With SAP Hana
SAP Certified integration With SAP NetWeaver