Sybase Database Protection

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Sybase Database Backups

Commvault helps you effectively cover all of your database protection needs, including Sybase.  Managing your Sybase database backups with Commvault means that you can comprehensively protect and recover your Sysbase databases and associated information, as well as provides more granularity for efficient data protection and data recovery scenarios.  With all of your data being protected and managed through a unified management interface, your job gets a little easier.

What is supported

Commvault supports the following Sybase versions on various operating systems:

  • SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise 16.0
  • Sybase ASE 15.7/15.5/15.0.3 64-bit
  • Sybase ASE 15.7/15.5/15.0.X 32-bit

Key features

Complete backup and recovery options

Transaction log backups

Efficient job management and reporting

Commvault’s Sybase protection provides complete protection of the Sybase server, which consists of system and user databases in different environments. You can perform a full or transaction log backup of the entire Sybase Server at any point in time, giving you maximum control.  Databases, both system, and user-defined, can be scheduled, or protected on-demand.  New databases can be auto-discovered to ensure proper protection.

You also can protect the transaction logs when the database is online. These logs can be applied to an online backup to recover the database to a specific point-in-time.

Managing your data means knowing that it is protected and being able to effectively report on success or failure.  Through an easy to use interface, you can quickly check on the progress of your jobs to ensure things are moving as expected.  You can also use pre-built reports in an on-demand fashion, or scheduled, to keep you in the know.

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