Cloud data management

Cloud data management software should provide flexibility to move, manage and use data across diverse cloud and on-premises environments.

Streamline work with the control and flexibility to meet changing business requirements.

Quickly identify, access, manage and protect data across cloud environments

Store data

Across clouds and on-premises locations

Protect data

Files, applications, databases, hypervisors, clouds

Optimize data

High value, automated data management

Use data

Discover, govern and innovate across clouds

Cloud data management solutions
for your evolving organization

From a single Commvault dashboard, you can understand the current state of data across public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

Today’s cloud providers are fantastic about helping your data and workloads to stay persistent and usable. Commvault complements today’s top public and private clouds with automated and proven tools designed to meet the data recovery SLAs of even the most complex organizations.

With Commvault, backing up to one cloud or backup across multiple clouds has never been easier or more streamlined. Complete cloud data management can be controlled from just a single interface.

Be confident with a cloud leader

Commvault recognized in the 2021 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions1

Simplify cloud backup with Metallic

Simplify your cloud storage strategy with Metallic® Recovery Reserve™ cloud storage for Commvault. This fully integrated cloud storage target lets you execute a hybrid cloud strategy, without becoming a cloud expert.

From the Commvault dashboard, select the integrated Metallic® Recovery Reserve™ cloud storage. No cloud skills are needed – the backups move automatically to the cloud.

Learn more about easy, secure, cloud storage

Commvault versus native
cloud tools

Organizations who need fast cloud data backup need a professional solution that also includes reliable, flexible data recovery.

It’s tempting to look at native cloud tools that seem inexpensive or free, but be aware of the limitations of cloud vendor backup tools.

Clearly compare the expectations and results of native cloud tools versus enterprise-grade data protection.

  • Save money with deduplication and compression – move more data with less bandwidth.
  • Automate backups, yet control the frequency. Save time and effort with granular control.
  • Recover usable data with speed and granularity. Meet SLAs instead of sifting through snapshots.
  • Backup your full range of cloud data- blob, email, virtual machines, cloud apps and databases.
  • Gain global flexibility. Move backups to another region, another cloud or on-premises.

The software solution from Commvault fills gaps in native cloud tools and has cut across every use case McDonald’s Cloud Services team requires, providing optimized and effective backups across databases.

Commvault’s solution tunes performance across AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud servers and drives cost savings through deduplication and compression.

— Douglas Leonard, Director – Cloud Services, McDonald’s Corporation2

Manage cloud disaster recovery – from a single control center

Streamline and simplify disaster recovery. Manage your cloud data migration, daily data protection tasks and cloud disaster recovery all from the same interface.

With Commvault, cloud disaster recovery is easily managed from the same interface you use every day for ongoing data projects.

You can even automate disaster recovery and testing across multiple clouds with less cost, effort and risk. Be confident with rapid recovery and the flexibility to restore your environment – from full databases or a single file.

From a single interface, ensure data availability and business continuity across your on-prem and cloud environments.

Why wait? Outpace change with Cloud Data Management

On World Backup Day, join our panel of experts for a discussion on data management considerations to help companies thrive in the face of accelerated change.

Choose one cloud data management platform

Growing organizations often have multiple backup and disaster recovery point products. But as complex business use cases expand, streamline data management with just one comprehensive cloud management platform.

Commvault makes it efficient to replace legacy backup products by moving those older backups and archives directly to cloud storage. Choose the cloud or clouds that match your backup SLAs, moving old workloads without losing the date stamp.

As you adopt more clouds, it’s the right time to replace point solutions that don’t talk to each other, have separate skill sets, different support levels and renewal timelines that are way out of sync. The smart decision is to coordinate and consolidate with one cloud management solution.

With Commvault software you can automatically capture legacy backups and archives for cloud data migration from any of these systems:

  • Veritas NetBackup
  • Veritas BackupExec
  • IBM Spectrum Protect (Tivoli Storage Manager- TSM)
  • Dell EMC NetWorker
  • Dell EMC Avamar
  • Microsoft Data Protection Manager (DPM)
  • Microfocus Data Protector, previously HP Data Protector

Supporting your cloud technologies

Commvault software supports more than 40 cloud storage options across public and private clouds. Get a comprehensive view of data storage locations, consistent service level agreements for hybrid IT environments, and policy control management for cloud and on-premises workloads.

Automation and AI for modern cloud data management

Built-in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) help analyze and automate data operation tasks. Save resources and effort with a “self-driving” experience that redefines how IT engages with data management software. Let the Commvault software manage by exception, identifying events or actions that require human interaction based on defined SLAs.

In the fast-moving world of data and technology, Commvault offers unique time-saving capabilities aligned with your data management strategy:

  • Automate resource management
  • Use elastic resources on-demand
  • Employ resource provisioning and retirement
  • Extend existing on-premises policies to cloud data
  • Choose agentless backup for virtual machines

UST Global: Data management for the workloads of today and tomorrow3

  • 4x better RTO and RPO
  • Consolidated backup and recovery across 25 countries
  • Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS integration

Broad multi cloud data management
for digital transformation

As you make use of multiple clouds to meet digital transformation goals, Commvault has the flexibility to accommodate your changing business use cases.

Commvault software provides:

  • Backup and recovery to the cloud
  • Backup and recovery in the cloud
  • Application and data migration to the cloud
  • Disaster recovery in place, out of place, on-premises and cloud-based
  • Physical to cloud, cloud to cloud and cross-hypervisor support

With Commvault you can manage data across on-premises data centers, public and private clouds – becoming an agile IT organization with consistent, strategic data management practices.

The cloud has changed everything.
Are you prepared?

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