Cut IT Costs with Efficient Data Protection

Reduce complexity with a single, unified platform to manage, protect, and use your data – wherever it lives. See how Commvault makes it simple to manage all your workloads in one place.

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Real cost reduction, time savings, and innovative data protection


reduction in storage costs


coverage and unmatched efficiency


improvement in restore speed

How Commvault data management cuts IT costs

Extend beyond on-premises and into cloud and hybrid
environments with a single integrated solution to protect
diverse workloads quickly and easily.  

Advanced automation features, through machine-learning-
driven automation and orchestrated workflows, save time
and effort while reducing the risk of human error.  

Confidently adopt cloud, SaaS, containers, virtual workloads,
and new technologies as your needs evolve. Explore our range of supported technologies 

Why other products don’t compare

Require the purchase of storage appliances or extra capacity that adds more cost and consumes IT operations time.  

Point products that cover just one workload or storage mean managing separate interfaces which decreases data visibility, reduces IT productivity, and increases overall risk. 

Slow to introduce new critical technologies, use cases, and capabilities, restricting busy IT teams.   

Find cost efficiency with streamlined data protection

When it came time for Illinois State University to refresh hardware to support its hybrid cloud setup, they looked at it as an opportunity to fortify data protection. ISU maintains the high-performance backup and recovery they’ve come to expect while adding time-saving capabilities. 

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Consolidate to simplify and save 

Data management with multiple tools and vendors restricts scalability and visibility creating silos that increase cost and complexity. The lack of alignment and integration makes this approach impossible to sustain and a barrier to growth. 

Discover how Commvault data management helps you eliminate backup products for greater efficiency and cost savings. Learn more 

Streamlined data protection from one platform 

Commvault data management provides options for comprehensive coverage and unmatched efficiency. With flexible deployment options, you can choose: 

  • Backup & Recovery: Ensure data availability for all workloads across cloud and on-premises environments, with reliable, cost-optimized data protection through a single extensible platform. Learn about Backup and Recovery > 
  • Disaster Recovery: Orchestrate disaster recovery of business-critical systems to ensure near-zero data loss with automated VM replication, to meet your most critical SLAs. Explore Disaster Recovery > 
  • File Storage Optimization: Gain valuable data insights and remediation actions, delivering improved storage efficiencies, streamlined cloud migrations and data consolidations, and reduced risks of ransomware. Check out File Storage Optimization > 
  • Air Gap and Cloud Storage:  Protect against ransomware, reduce risk, and harness the scale of SaaS using Metallic® Recovery Reserve™, a fully integrated, secure cloud storage target. Check out Metallic® Recovery Reserve™ > 

Find cloud cost savings

  • How to Find Cost Efficiency with Streamlined Data Protection

    Need to lower cost, save staff hours, and meet SLAs? Discover how modern data protection practices can streamline data protection coverage, lower cloud compute and storage costs, and reduce IT time and effort. 

  • How to Manage Cloud Data at Scale

    Our solution seamlessly manages data with native integration into the top public clouds like Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

  • 10 times a Magic Quadrant Leader

    With Commvault, there is no cloud gateway, no long-running infrastructure fee – just flexible, secure, seamless data management.