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Harness Advanced Forensics & AI for Rapid Recovery

Whether you’re facing a natural disaster or a cyberattack, rapidly restore clean data with advanced forensics and AI – and remain cyber resilient for business continuity.

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Prioritizing data recovery
for cyber resilience

In the age of cyber resilience, businesses must prioritize data recovery as a core element of their cybersecurity strategy, guaranteeing swift restoration of clean and intact data.


Of organizations don’t have the funds to recover from a data breach1


Of organizations don’t backup data across workstations2


Of organizations that use cloud security lack confidence in their security posture3

1Trevor Cooke, Earthweb, “Backup Statistics in 2023: Recovery and Data Loss,” August 2023. 2Trevor Cooke, Earthweb, “Backup Statistics in 2023: Recovery and Data Loss,” August 2023. 3Packetlabs, blog, “239 Cybersecurity Statistics (2023),” April 2023
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BGC ensures disaster recovery readiness & supports future growth with Commvault

Australian home builder slashes TCO by $150,000 and recovers data and applications from anywhere with Commvault.

Introducing Commvault® Cloud

The industry’s first platform for true cloud data security that lets you manage and recover data wherever it lives — with the simplicity and scale of the cloud.  

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Metallic® AI

The engine that powers Commvault Cloud. Built on a bed of intelligent management and control, Metallic AI leverages a powerful mix of ML, and automation, delivering the most advanced data protection intelligence in the industry.

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