How to search across multiple data sources using Commvault Activate™


On-demand webinar

Duration: 20 min.


Data centers, endpoints, multiple clouds, SaaS, applications, emails, files….oh my! So many places your data can hide, and what you don’t know about your data can definitely hurt your business. If you don’t know where your data is or even what it is, how can you protect it? How can you make sure you’re adhering to governance and regulatory demands? Data privacy? With so much data spread across so many possible locations you need tools can can deliver a complete view of your data landscape.

Commvault Activate™ gives you the actionable insights you need to increase storage efficiency, reduce your data risk and quickly respond to governance and compliance requests. In this technical solution demonstration you will learn:

  • About Activate’s three core use cases for File Storage Optimization, Sensitive Data Governance and Compliance Search and e-Discovery
  • How you can easily search for, and secure, the data you need to respond to various governance and subject data requests
  • How Activate’s powerful analytics and search can look across multiple data sources to visualize your data and to intelligently manage it

Your data is your most critical asset; make sure you can find what you need and get rid of anything you don’t.


Aaron Murphy, Field CTO, Commvault