EHR data protection

Data protection for a new era of healthcare.

Protect against ransomware
Deploy clinical data protection strategies
Minimize EHR system downtime

EHR data is the lifeblood of your organization. It helps you deliver efficient, cost-effective care. It advances the quality of your treatments. And it lays the foundation for healthcare’s data-driven transformation.

The EHR is equally critical to your business, your caregivers and your patients. And it will only become more vital—assuming you can successfully manage, control and protect your data today.

Exposures and complexity endanger the EHR

The EHR remains a favored target of cybercriminals. If you can’t defend against their attacks, you could lose data that’s vital to delivering effective patient care, managing billing and budgets, and upholding the public’s confidence in your organization.

Plus, as patient data continues growing, it can lead to unnecessary hardware spend and create impenetrable data silos. And the more complex this environment becomes, the harder it will be to reduce overhead, launch new initiatives, and deliver optimal care to each and every patient.

Ransomware accounted for 72% of healthcare malware attacks in 2016. ¹

A stronger, safer EHR

With Commvault EHR Data Protection—developed to work seamlessly with leading EHR provider —you’ll have a fast, simple, and comprehensive solution that’s purpose-built to help you protect your critical patient data. With the help of one-button restores, you’ll be able to protect against ransomware and other cyber threats. You’ll break down data silos and make it easier to cost-effectively deploy innovative clinical data protection strategies. And you’ll run the backup process more efficiently, helping to minimize EHR system downtime and data disruption.

Commvault EHR Data Protection features solutions specifically designed to support leading EHR systems:


Developed with direct input from Epic, we integrate hardware-based snapshots with SQL and Oracle agents to capture, protect, and back up your entire Epic EHR environment, including the Caché database, in seconds.


Certified by MEDITECH, the solution leverages hardware-based snapshots along with SQL and file-system agents for instant protection and recovery.

1. Ransomware accounted for 72% of healthcare malware attacks in 2016, Healthcare IT News, 2017.