Building a Roadmap to Achieve Cyber Resilience

Details about our next roundtable discussion on creating a roadmap to help assure data resilience, which will be held with Commvault, Microsoft, and ESG.

As security and cyber resilience continue to grow in importance as the top data challenge for organizations today, Commvault is excited to announce the continuation of its webinar series featuring experts from ESG, Microsoft and Commvault. “Navigating Cyber Resilience in a Hybrid World” is set for December 6, 2023, providing insight from our expert panel and sharing the latest ESG research into how organizations are building cyber resilience.  The session will preview highlights from the soon-to be-released ESG study, “A Roadmap to Future-Proof Cyber Resilience with Commvault Cloud,” co-commissioned by Commvault and Microsoft.

Key ingredients for cyber resilience in a hybrid world

The expert panel assembled for this webinar includes Nathan McAfee, Senior Economic Analyst at ESG; Jaimie Fox, Azure Strategy Specialist at Microsoft; and, Vidya Shankaran, Field CTO at Commvault. During this interactive session, the discussion will focus on:

  • Key elements that need to be part of every holistic cyber resilience plan
  • What to consider when striving for the lowest total cost of ownership
  • The role of artificial intelligence (AI) in accelerating your cyber resilience excellence
  • Ensuring successful recovery—an often-over-looked essential ingredient
  • How sustainability can be leveraged to improve your cyber resilience

New opportunities with sustainability and cyber resilience convergence

As part of this session, we’re delighted to feature Jaimie Fox. In addition to his role as an Azure Strategy Specialist at Microsoft, Jaimie is also a founder of the sustainability organization, Data Company One.  Jaimie will share his perspectives on the convergence of sustainability and cyber resilience and discuss how a solid roadmap for cyber resilience also helps organizations achieve their sustainability goals.  This is a discussion you won’t want to miss!

Sign up today and get your questions in

If you have tough questions regarding cyber resilience that you’d like this expert panel to tackle, submit your questions to You can register for the December 6th webinar here and download the ESG Study, “Analyzing the Economic Benefits of Cyber Resilience with Commvault Cloud” here.

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