Celebrating Autism Awareness Month

Join Commvault in honoring Autism Awareness Month, fostering inclusion, and embracing neurodiversity with our CapAbilities ERG

Here at Commvault, we believe everyone has unique strengths and skills, and we strive to create an inclusive and accessible environment where all Vaulters can thrive and succeed.

As co-lead of Commvault’s CapAbilities Employee Resource Group (ERG), recognizing and honoring Autism Awareness Month is extremely important to me.  

Neurodiversity affects so many people. It is an invisible disability and isn’t always disclosed, which means that companies do not always know if they are providing the right infrastructure for their employees to be successful. Many people are dealing with the diagnosis or care of their children, which can mean increased flexibility in their work arrangements.

Our CapAbilities ERG’s mission is to raise awareness and break down the bias of workplace issues that affect people with disabilities and caregivers of those with a disability. We create a safe and empathetic space where people with disabilities, caregivers, and their allies can openly and honestly discuss issues facing them.

Autism manifests in various forms and impacts individuals on the spectrum in many distinct ways – the need for acceptance and inclusion is at an all-time high. This year, Autism Speaks launched the theme #ActFearlesslyforChange for Autism Awareness Month to encourage the autism community to share their stories, advocate for legislation, and fearlessly stand for a world where autistic people are recognized and have the opportunities they deserve.

Let’s all strive to create a world where autistic people are embraced, celebrated, and recognized for their unique contributions and have the opportunities they need to reach their full potential!

Later this month, we are once again hosting a Courageous Conversation to raise awareness across our global Vaulter community. Our virtual event will feature guest speaker Holly Foxcroft, an award-winning, international speaker and thought leader in neurodiversity. Holly, who is neurodivergent herself, champions neuro-inclusion within the cybersecurity industry, promoting best practices, and furthering research in understanding neurodiversity and the critical role it plays in cybersecurity.

Autism Awareness Month is a great and gentle reminder to always be accepting and comfortable making space for anyone who is different from you. At Commvault, inclusion and belonging are foundational to our culture. We celebrate our differences and know they make us stronger, together. I’m so proud to be a part of our CapAbilities ERG and everything it stands for.

Click here to learn more about our DE&I efforts at Commvault.

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