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Learn more about Commvault's latest enhancements and capabilities expanding secure data protection for hybrid multi-cloud environments.

At Commvault, we’re revolutionizing how businesses tackle risk, safeguard valuable data, and drive better business outcomes. On June 6th, we unveiled our game-changing innovations that empower businesses of all sizes to take a proactive approach with layered protection.

But our commitment to data security doesn’t end there. We’re excited to announce the launch of Commvault Platform Release 2023E – our latest release introducing additional enhancements for managing and safeguarding your entire data estate.

Global Data Management across Metallic and Commvault Deployment

Commvault PR 2023E introduces our new Saas-based platform that provides real-time insights, unified dashboards, and consolidated views of your data across all deployment forms. All in one convenient location!

 Enhancing Commvault Command Center’s capabilities, our new solution streamlines processes and eliminates manual checks and multiple dashboard reviews. Easily track and analyze data trends, prepare for future risks, and quickly identify vulnerabilities across all delivery options using comprehensive security metrics. Enjoy enhanced visibility and actionable insights to streamline your data management.

Reduce guesswork. Automate dormant threat detection and clean file recovery.

Commvault PR 2023E includes our new Threat Scan product’s general availability (GA), which ensures IT admins can be confident that their backup data is clean, safe, and recoverable.

Ransomware threats are something we’ve all heard of, and we know how devastating they can be for organizations. Starting with the initial access, usually through phishing, stolen credentials, or an exploit. The threat then moves laterally, before the big impact – data destruction, encryption, and exfiltration.

On average, a threats dwell time in an environment is around 20-52 days1, depending on how advanced the organization’s defenses are. But here’s the catch: backups happen all the time, and threats can lurk within them before they’re even discovered. This means that infected backups put data recovery at risk. Not only does it take longer to get clean data back, but there’s also the risk of re-infection.

That’s where Commvault Threat Scan comes in; IT admins can take control and defend their backup data by proactively identifying malware threats to avoid reinfection during recovery. Threat Scan automatically analyzes backup data to find encrypted or corrupted files, allowing users to recover trusted versions of their data quickly. Suspected threats can be isolated and quarantined, enabling further analysis by forensic teams in a secure environment.

Unify Data Protection and Security

Building on Commvault’s existing SIEM connector, PR2023E introduces bidirectional integration support for Microsoft Sentinel and Palo Alto XSOAR to improve collaboration and reduce incident response time with automated orchestration and combined insights.

SecOps teams face the constant challenge of handling a high volume of security events, requiring them to adopt automation to effectively respond to and minimize cyber threats. While specific tools are used to gather security events, logs, and alerts, there is a significant gap as these tools fail to collect important information from data protection platforms. This lack of visibility leaves SecOps teams with a blind spot in their overall defense.

Our latest integration brings together the power and visibility of data protection and security platforms, enhancing internal collaboration and overall security posture. Our runbooks make it easy to automate actions out of the box through a secure connection. No more working in silos! SecOps and ITOps can now join forces to tackle security incidents and automate actions like revoking access, disabling data aging, or other data policies.

Better protect data with new integrations for Dell PowerProtect DD

Customers using PowerProtect DD can now easily manage their data through the same native compression, deduplication, and replication processes. This exciting update brings tighter integration with Commvault and PowerProtect DD, which our customers have eagerly asked for.

With the newest capabilities, customers can now leverage the DDBoost Client for native integration with PowerProtect DD. Whether you’re already using our native SDK support with Commvault compression and deduplication, or just starting to protect and utilize PowerProtect DD as a target, you have the flexibility to choose. Access enhanced capabilities through the PowerProtect dashboards and enjoy features like native replication.

Commvault utilizes secure APIs to communicate with PowerProtect DD, and our data plane integration ensures seamless accessibility for all workloads.

These are just a few of the amazing features we have in Platform Release 2023E. You can learn about more of the latest features on our What’s New page for Platform Releases. Connect with our product management team and others in our communities for all the latest news and release information. 


1. Sophos Active Adversary Playbook 2022

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