When Hit with Ransomware, Call on Your Reserves

Today, we’re happy to announce that our managed cloud storage offering gets a new name: Metallic® Recovery Reserve™.

A company’s backup data is its strategic reserve, and in the face of cyberthreats, it’s imperative they are able to call on those reserves, restore their data, and resume business operations as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Air-gapped cloud storage is an essential part of any data protection strategy as companies navigate the rise and growing sophistication of ransomware, which is why we brought Metallic Cloud Storage Service to the market nearly two years ago. Since then, we’ve seen companies around the world adopt this solution as part of their data security strategy, while also paying off on their cloud transformation initiatives and the drive to create efficiencies and lower costs. Today, we’re happy to announce that our managed cloud storage offering gets a new name: Metallic® Recovery Reserve™, a new name but still focused on Commvault’s ability to deliver industry leading enterprise grade protection and recovery of your corporate data.

Cloud storage for your ransomware strategy

Cyberattacks like ransomware attacks happen every 11 seconds1 and are expected to increase year over year, and if an organization is hit with a cyberattack, the average cost of downtime for large enterprises can be in the thousands per minute.2 These statistics reinforce the importance of recovery readiness of data, especially as organizations are accelerating to the cloud. Since data is the lifeblood of all organizations, customers adopted and continue to adopt Metallic Recovery Reserve to protect their business and recover their data when they needed it the most. 

With immutability options and air gapping along with simplified management, Commvault, with Metallic, was first to market to deliver a managed cloud storage offering from a recognized industry leader in data protection customers know and trust. When Optima Italia, a digital utility company, needed a modern solution to strengthen data protection and ensure rapid recovery in the event of a cyber attack or natural disaster, they look to Commvault and Metallic Recovery Reserve. As Ugo Mora, IT Infrastructure Manager puts it,

“Metallic is an essential tool in helping us to meet data protection compliance requirements… The built-in air-gapped cloud security and data isolation capability with [Metallic Recovery Reserve] ensures our customer data is secure and available if there is a ransomware attack or natural disaster.”

The solution provided Optima with greater scalability in data protection and ensured the security and availability of customer information and met industry regulatory requirements.

Security with simplicity

While Metallic Recovery Reserve offers the ability to protect and recover data against security threats, the question is, is it simple?  Yes.

A security solution that is complex comes with its own pitfalls and has the potential to be less secure the more complex it is to use. Metallic Recovery Reserve is the “easy button” to secure data and control costs. Since it is fully integrated with Commvault software, admins can use Metallic Recovery Reserve as a backup target just like any other disk target or tape target. This removes the need to provide extensive training, since all of this is handled by the Commvault software. Commvault writes directly to the cloud storage and reads from it for restores, with no compute running in the cloud. All of this is managed through the Commvault Command Center, providing a single UI to manage all corporate data.

Metallic Recovery Reserve is also available as a simple cloud storage target for hybrid cloud data center workloads customers protect with Metallic SaaS solutions. Additionally, customers get choice since Metallic Recovery Reserve offers flexible storage tiers across both Metallic SaaS and Commvault software, for both short and long-term retention needs.

While other backup vendors claim their solution is the “last line of defense”, Commvault offers a comprehensive set of ransomware protection capabilities that includes not only recoverability but also protection, monitoring, and detection, as well as early warning and early action capabilities with Metallic ThreatWise. With Metallic Recovery Reserve, you get a solid managed cloud storage service that delivers air-gapped ransomware protection and ensures your data is going to be recoverable when you need it the most.


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