I’m Lovin’ It! Customers Turn To Commvault in the Cloud

We brought many new users into the Commvault family and expanded existing relationships, with use cases spanning cloud, cloud-native, multi-cloud and SaaS workloads.

While the first few months of this year brought unprecedented global change from the way we think to the way we work, at Commvault we rallied together to adjust to the “new normal.” We remained steadfast in our top priorities: keep our employees and communities safe, continue to be there for our customers and remain unwavering in our innovation.  

And while the way we engage with our customers has changed, business did not stop. We brought many new users into the Commvault family and expanded existing relationships, with use cases spanning cloud, cloud-native, multi-cloud and SaaS workloads. In the spirit of sharing some good news, I’d like to take the opportunity to celebrate some of the new and expanded customer use cases in our fiscal Q4.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota; NASA (see below); mobile service provider MTS; Shaanxi Coal Industry; CPA Global; Ministry of Finance of Poland; and cloud services provider, Chmury Krajowej, all embraced Commvault for their critical needs in Q4.

Kira Blackwell, Program Executive at NASA HQ within the Space Technology Mission Directorate Office, explains the value of data, well-managed data and the value of using Commvault.

Additionally, McDonald’s Corporation turned to Commvault to address the growing trend of moving infrastructure to the cloud. Here is what they had to say about how Commvault is helping them tackle that initiative.

McDonald’s Corporation moves to the cloud

With an already-robust Commvault deployment in place, we’re now leveraging Commvault’s cloud capabilities to shed ownership of our technology infrastructure; instead, we’re investing heavily in the cloud to keep our IT operations running. The software solution from Commvault fills gaps in native cloud tools and has cut across every use case McDonald’s Cloud Services team requires, providing optimized and effective backups across databases. Commvault’s solution tunes performance across AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud servers and drives cost savings through deduplication and compression.

– Douglas Leonard, Director – Cloud Services, McDonald’s Corporation

I’d also like to highlight customers who have shared their stories this quarter. These customers span industries and use cases, leveraging Commvault to protect critical data both on-premises and in the cloud, while ensuring compliance for document retention, medical record privacy and more.

Commvault protects Parsons Corporation  

Parsons uses Commvault intelligent data management for workloads across AWS S3 Standard-IA and AWS S3 Glacier cloud storage locations, VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines, plus physical servers.

Cloud environments typically don’t have robust built-in data protection capabilities – and they can also be hard to protect without the right tools in place. Parsons Corporation manages its total on-premises recovery environment and AWS data protection with Commvault.

“We’ve moved off of tape backups to AWS, and now we have an initiative to move the whole environment to the cloud. Moving into the cloud has been really simple. With the Commvault solution, it’s just having the Command Center. Everything is simplistic.” –Benjamin Roper, Enterprise Backup and Recovery Specialist, Parsons Corporation

Delaware Department of Correction becomes data ready

“Data helps provide a story,” says Phil Winder, Director of Information Technology for the Delaware Department of Correction.

When every data point shapes a person’s life, the public sector needs to be data ready. Streamlined data management is critical, from disaster recovery with no data loss to quickly accessing data that affects a person’s freedom.

“We went through a disaster recovery exercise and, in fact, we thought we had lost some data. We don’t have time to have data loss. With a quick call to Commvault support, the problem was identified. The organization was back up and operational within the hour — with no data loss.” – Phil Winder, Delaware Department of Correction

As someone who thrives on meeting with customers, I miss the in-person engagement we’ve had to put on hold in this current environment, but we’ve been getting creative in how we interact with our customers to keep the personal touch. It was great to see and hear from a few of our customers in recent videos. I encourage you to take a look at how customers like Cochlear, Penn State Health and Mitchell International (see videos below) are using Commvault to solve their most critical data challenges.

Consistency, reliability, daily VMware virtual machine backups and a worry-free environment? By consolidating backup products, Cochlear was able to streamline secure healthcare data protection and gain that worry-free environment.

Replacing IBM TSM with Commvault data protection gave Penn State Health more ability to manage large volumes of data, improved customer support and the reassurance that data could be easily recovered.

For Mitchell International, a technology provider for the auto and casualty insurance industry, Commvault software covers data protection for a growing IT environment and helps provide better customer service.

Commvault is the toast of the town

On top of customer victories, we’ve also been winning industry accolades!  Check out our recent awards from CRN, Gartner, Storage Magazine and others:

Although this is a time when the industry – and the world – is definitely not conducting business as usual, we’re proud to be there for our customers. We’re customer centric all the time, and these customer use cases speak for themselves.

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