Simplified data protection with HPE and Commvault

By Jeff Carlat, Director, WW Alliances

Criticality of data

Protecting data has become more essential today than ever before, when cybercrimes are on the rise and digital transformation is altering every aspect of business. According to a survey1 conducted by the FBI, there has been a 300% increase in cybercrimes during the pandemic. And with increased adoption of digital technologies and remote ways of working, ransomware is clearly here to stay.

Businesses allocate many resources to create their database and the last thing they need is to lose their valuable digital assets to such crimes. So, is there a way to manage and protect our data? Having a robust data protection strategy can help businesses protect their data – namely a system that can store and manage your data, which might be spread across multiple locations or devices.

Managing and protecting your most crucial asset

Data storage and data management solutions from HPE protect all your workloads through a single solution, without the need for multiple, complex technology stacks. Last month HPE announced its next-generation HPE StoreOnce Systems to deliver enhanced backup and recovery performance with simplicity and agility. HPE StoreOnce features no lock-in, rapid recovery on-premises in the datacenter, low-cost archiving in the cloud, accelerated transfer speed, and increased disk capacities. Built on the HPE Proliant Gen 10+ platform, HPE StoreOnce is a highly scalable disk-based deduplication solution that modernizes data protection for hybrid cloud environments by neutralizing threats, and provides the same level of integrations with ISV partners such as Commvault. 

Commvault, having the largest breadth and depth of coverage across the HPE servers and storage portfolios, sees HPE StoreOnce as a great backup option for customers desiring a scale-up architecture. After significant development effort, we announced full integration with HPE StoreOnce Catalyst in 2019, which enables users to move backup data natively, reliably, and cost-effectively to the public, private, or hybrid cloud. This integration was a coordinated effort between Commvault and HPE engineering teams, adhering to our commitment to “build solutions tailored for customer requirements.” We led integration and feature support ahead of our competition and our efforts were recognized by many. I have heard many times that “nobody integrates with StoreOnce Catalyst like Commvault does.”

HPE StoreOnce Systems tightly integrate with Commvault CommServe through HPE StoreOnce Catalyst API to enable movement of deduplicated data across the enterprise, from one HPE StoreOnce system to another. The Catalyst Clone allows for highly efficient and fast synthetic full backups while HPE Cloud Bank Storage, an optional feature for StoreOnce customers, provides long-term retention in low-cost public or private clouds. The storage accelerator integration supports low bandwidth mode and client-side deduplication.

Commvault won the 2019 Technology Partner of the Year award, followed by the 2020 HPE Momentum Partner of the Year award and the 2021 HPE GreenLake Momentum Partner of the Year award – these awards are a testament to our deep and broad integration with HPE’s server and storage portfolio, which continues to be an important combined solution offering.

Our engineering teams are committed to continuing full support and integration as new and exciting features and capabilities from HPE are released, further strengthening our partnership to provide industry-leading data protection and data security for our customers’ constantly changing data landscape. Together, HPE and Commvault provide a portfolio of integrated solutions with the flexibility of consumption, delivering from a traditional on-prem offering to a consumption-based backup as a service. Customers can be confident in turning to HPE and Commvault for all their data protection and management needs. 

Learn more about how we can protect and manage your data through the new StoreOnce offerings, and our Commvault and HPE integrated offerings here.

1 COVID-19 News: FBI Reports 300% Increase in Reported Cybercrimes