How to Safeguard Your Data from Threats with Automated Early Warning

Discover how to safeguard your data from threats with automated early warning using Commvault's ThreatWise™.

Data is everywhere, so are cyber threats. Truly proactive defense means re-thinking conventional approaches to data protection, beyond just post-incident recovery. Data protection should (and must) start before data is compromised – with expansive capabilities that can anticipate, see, and react to threats, before its time to recover.

Mentionable facts:

  1. Teams can’t keep up: Over half of organizations only investigate between 1 and 10 alerts per day.
  2. Attacks are going unnoticed: 227 days is the average time it takes for security teams to identify and contain a data breach.
  3. Security and IT share the load: 80% of respondents reported that their cybersecurity and IT teams share the responsibility of protecting data.

ThreatWise™, from Commvault, advances data protection with unique early warning ransomware protection that surface zero-day, advanced, and unknown threats before data impact.

Leveraging patented cyber deception technology, it delivers advanced detection measures to intelligently safeguard data by identifying stealthy cyber threats in production. With advanced automation built-in, ThreatWise™ seamlessly enriches data protection strategies, connects IT and Security teams, and reduces cognitive load for admins and users.

Automated Decoys

To shield business data and systems from malicious intent and activity, ThreatWise™ blankets tripwires across on-prem, multi-cloud, and SaaS instances. Off-the-shelf, preconfigured decoys or threat sensors that replicate real network assets (such as critical workloads, IT/OT assets, etc…) rapidly cover surface areas and spot threats along the path to your data. This includes the critical moments of recon, discovery, and lateral movement – critical moments where detection provides material impact on containing a breach. From the start of an attack, data protection stakeholders can foresee malicious activity traversing environments and targeting data. ThreatWise can even coat backup infrastructure themselves, hiding these environments from threats directly aiming to neutralize backup and recovery utilities. These preconfigured decoys include baked-in recommendations, helping automate the configuration process and offering user setting recommendations and templates. This removes any expertise needed for administrators to set up decoys, offering high-fidelity fake assets that look (and behave) like real assets at the flick of a switch. 

Automated Configuration

Unlike honeypot technology, ThreatWise™ employs a lightweight and highly scalable architecture. This enables users to quickly blanket environments with hundreds or thousands of fake assets to rapidly harden data estates, mask data, and muddle bad actor attempts. But how do I know what preconfigured decoys to use for my unique environment? The ThreatWise™ Advisor intelligently connects backup environments and decoys to reduce cognitive load for users. By assessing data that’s actively being protected within Commvault backup environments, ThreatWise™ Advisor logically recommends decoy types (and their placement) to further safeguard critical workloads. By connecting the dots between backups and cyber deception users can intelligently blend decoys into the existing environments without any deception or security expertise to optimize early warning detection and lead threat actors down a rabbit hole, away from their targets (your data).

Automated Alerts

When it comes to cyber events, IT teams must seamlessly integrate with their Security counterparts. Minutes matter and visibility, telemetry, and coordination are paramount for proper and effective response. Through seamless integration with existing security stacks, ThreatWise™ automatically circulates urgent event data to key stakeholders and security teams without human intervention. And because decoys are only visible to bad actors, notifications are clear and precise, eliminating false positives. This automation amplifies Commvault’s threat detection capabilities by removing silos and prioritizing data itself, connecting IT and Security teams to streamline operations without burden. This enables organizations of every size to flag latent threats earlier and respond faster. The result? Improved observability and accelerated response to minimize impact and mitigate loss— for less risk, less recoveries, less downtime.

For more information on ThreatWise and our new Advisor capabilities, please visit the following page, or watch this On-demand Webinar on ThreatWise: Early Warning Data Protection and Its Role in Cyber Response.


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