Boost Your Cyber Resilience with The New Commvault® Cloud

Explore Commvault Cloud, boosted by Metallic AI, for enhanced cyber resilience with cutting-edge AI and innovative features like Arlie.

Under a constant threat of ransomware attacks and malicious cyber activities, cyber resilience is a paramount concern for organizations of all sizes, in all industries. These existential threats make it imperative for businesses to adopt a comprehensive and proactive approach to protect their data and ensure business resilience. That’s why I am thrilled to share our new platform, Commvault® Cloud, powered by Metallic® AI – a transformative platform that revolutionizes cyber resilience in the hybrid enterprise.

With its unified data protection, security, intelligence, threat detection, and recovery capabilities, Commvault Cloud empowers IT and security teams to stay one step ahead of ransomware and other cyber threats. We’re doing this by bringing our on-premises software and SaaS offering together into a single platform with enhancements to the features you already know and love and new capabilities you’re going to love.

Meet your new cyber resiliency partner, Arlie

There’s obviously a lot of hype around AI and how it’s changing the way we work and interact with software and systems. We’re putting AI to use help you act quickly and efficiently.

Users of Commvault Cloud will soon have access to Arlie—short for “Autonomous Resilience” and much easier to say—a new AI co-pilot that’s at the ready 24 hours a day, responding to inquiries in plain, simple language. We’re using Generative AI models to consolidate information and reports plus provide users with personalized actionable responses. You can use Arlie to verify or validate clean point of recovery for critical systems or generate requested code in mere seconds.

I’m excited about the possibilities this creates. It’s fueled by an integration with Azure OpenAI to enable amazing human-like interaction within Commvault Cloud to:

  • Give you real-time threat analysis and report summaries showing the latest information about their cyber resiliency health, removing the need to sift through filters and reports to prioritize the most pressing information. Imagine the time savings.
  • Offer a simplified way to build an integration or code an action: you simply type a description of what you want to do, and the code assistant will generate the code on the spot. No more missing semi-colon fouling up the works.
  • Provide context-sensitive, guided product walk-throughs that make it easy for you to set-up, customize, and tune Commvault Cloud to your specifications. Simply ask “how to” questions and get step-by-step documentation complete with annotated screenshots.
  • Constantly monitors the performance of Commvault Cloud using generative AI to find issues, provide fixes, and offer real-time recommendations on how to optimize cyber resilience.

That’s just the start. We’ll have more generative AI model integrations following fast.

Cloudburst Recovery

You know and love us for our ability to recover from ransomware or other critical situations quickly. We’re making it faster and more efficient.

The new Cloudburst Recovery capability can help you improve business continuity by using infrastructure-as-code and cloud-scaling to automate rapid and frictionless recovery of data to any location. This enables mass recovery from cloud storage at scale with the highest speed possible. You don’t have to run an expensive cluster in the cloud to be able to do this, saving you money and headache.

Cleanroom Recovery

We also have what we call Cleanroom Recovery, one of the standout features of Commvault Cloud. It’s a cutting-edge service that ensures rapid, frictionless, and reliable recoveries after a cyberattack.

When a cyberattack occurs, having a clean backup is crucial. But it’s equally important to have a clean location for recovery. That’s where Cleanroom Recovery comes in. With Commvault Cloud, you can recover your data to a secure, isolated environment in the cloud that is specifically designed for recovery purposes. This cleanroom environment is “at the ready,” meaning it’s always available to you and prepared to facilitate the recovery process.

Cleanroom Recovery offers several benefits, including:

  • Providing a secure and isolated space for recovery, ensuring that your data is protected from any lingering threats or vulnerabilities. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your recovered data is clean and free from any potential malware or malicious elements.
  • Enabling rapid recoveries. Time is of the essence when it comes to recovering from a cyberattack, and Cleanroom Recovery ensures that the process is as quick and efficient as possible. Using the power of the cloud, Commvault Cloud enables fast and seamless data recovery, minimizing downtime and allowing you to get back up and running in no time.

Cleanroom Recovery is not just for post-attack recovery; it’s also a valuable tool for conducting routine incident response testing. By regularly testing your recovery processes in the cleanroom environment, you can ensure that your systems are prepared and optimized to handle any potential cyber threats. This proactive approach to testing and validation helps to strengthen your overall cyber resilience.

AI-driven threat prediction

Attackers are using AI to make ransomware even quieter and harder to detect. One of the emerging attacks uses AI to change the shape of the malware. Security experts call these shapeshifting or poly-morphic attacks. Whatever you call it, they are extremely hard to see and go undetected by traditional anomaly detection techniques. In Commvault Cloud we’re using AI to fight AI. This helps you find AI-driven zero-day threats that have already impacted backup content so you can quarantine and recover data cleanly while avoiding reinfection during recovery.

Managing cyber resilience for you

As part of the Commvault Cloud release, we’re adding Platinum Resilience, a fully managed service that provides unmatched protection, engagement, and responsiveness to cybersecurity threats and disaster situations. This service, which is being introduced to select customers as part of an early access preview program with full availability planned in early 2024, provides the following:

  • Foundational backup and recovery, advanced AI driven automation, cyber deception, recovery testing and readiness checks, advanced reporting, security audits, custom telemetry, and more.
  • Powerful and comprehensive hybrid data protection and resilience, with the ease of use of the cloud using a dedicated, isolated control plane. 
  • A ransomware readiness and response team dedicated to everything from setup to ongoing testing and validation to recovery upon a cyber event.

We’re confident that Platinum Resilience offers the best in end-to-end cyber resilience and we’re backing that up with a new Commvault Protection Warranty to give everyone from IT managers to board members peace of mind that recovery from an attack is guaranteed.

Commvault Cloud for Cyber Resilience

This is the boldest product launch in my 26-year history here at Commvault. I’m confident that your organization’s approach to cyber resilience will be revolutionized by Commvault Cloud, powered by Metallic AI. With its unified platform, advanced AI capabilities, and unique architecture, Commvault Cloud offers a comprehensive solution for data protection, security, intelligence, and recovery. By leveraging the power of AI, you can benefit from enhanced visibility, simplified processes, and optimized cyber resilience.

With Commvault Cloud, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is safe, your operations are protected, and your business can continue to thrive in the face of evolving cyber threats. It’s the ultimate solution for achieving cyber resilience in your hybrid enterprise.

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